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22720 Woodward Ave.
Ferndale, MI 48220

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I was happy with the salon and Christian's personality. He made the visit very entertaining. I also liked my low-lights he put in my hair. Now for the negative reviews: I was VERY unsatisified with my haircut and style. I've had better haircuts from $10 hair salons. I had to direct him with what I wanted a few times during my cut. I practically had no layers and with curly/wavy hair it's necessary. So, he added some layers and then styled my hair. Yes, I know it's difficult to 'style' curly/wavy hair, so I told him what I normally do. He attempted to style it w/ serum and gel (which is what I use) and then diffuse my hair. I also told him I have to begin w/sopping wet hair and little movement after the gel is in because my hair gets frizzy. As he was diffusing my nearly damp frizzy hair, he was lifting and scrunching it in sections. My hair looked awful. I knew looking in the mirror and feeling the cut, it wasn't going to work. I came back the next day. He told me to style my hair as I'd normally wear it so he can see where it's not lying right. (Wow, that's a great idea. Maybe there's hope!?) He sat me down and asked what wasn't working and I pointed out a section that wasn't even w/the other side and I needed more layers so my hair didn't have a triangle shape. Well, if you've ever seen Edward Scissorhands, that's what my recut looked like. I have layers now, BUT they're all different and there's not uniformity. I have pieces that are 3" short at the top of my head and non anywhere else. =( I hate it, but I'm scared to go anywhere else to have it corrected because it'll be super short. Overall... I can't say that I think Christian is a curly hair kind of stylist. I'm sure he's great for regular hair that's easy to handle, not for wavy/curly/wirey/coarse hair. =(

Reviewed on 05.01.11

Stylist: Christian

I have been going to Christian for 3 years now. I actually found him on this website! I trust him inherently with my naturally curly hair. I love how he cuts my hair! I disagree with the previous reviewer because the layers he puts in my hair look good for months! It doesn't look like a "triangle" at all, in fact just the opposite. The picture on my profile was taken the day after he last cut my hair. At this point, I don't even have to tell him what I want, he just knows. As I said before, I trust him completely. And, as a mom of two kids, it's like going on a mini vacation every time I go there; always entertaining!

Reviewed on 04.01.10

Stylist: Chris

I went to Chris with high hopes, and two weeks after my haircut, I continue to be frustrated. I told him that I wear my hair curly almost every day. But he didn't put in almost any layers, giving me a triangle look! Plus it's much shorter than I wanted, as my hair curls up more than when it was longer (a fact I feel my "curly hair expert" stylist should have anticipated). It's the perfect length for me to wear it straight though, so for the next couple months I'll be wearing my hair straight every day to avoid the short triangle look of my curly hair. So I now waste at least an hour of every day doing my hair, a fact which is very annoying.

Reviewed on 02.17.10


Chris is a hair genius! He is the only person I'd EVER let cut my thick, curly hair. Most of his clients have curly hair so it truly is his specialty! He is awesome at blow drying my hair straight for the days I need a change!

Reviewed on 06.10.09