Avanti Day Resort

345 Rt 9 South
Manalapan, NJ 07726

User Reviews

Stylist: Fee

Fee is really nice and very talented but ultimately she is going to do what she wants to do. It is all about her vision for you, not about the vision you have for yourself. Length was important to me and I told that to her repeatedly. Next thing I know, my BSL hair was cut to above my shoulders. WORST NIGHTMARE for a 3b curly girl. It took me FOREVER to get to that length and for her to just chop it that short is AWFUL. So I have been patiently waiting for my locks to grow. It should only take me about 2 years if I’m lucky to get back to that length. I have been miserable ever since. I’m going to Carlos Flores at the Mario Diab salon in NYC for my next cut. At the Avanti Day Resort they do not know curly hair at all. They don’t even carry sulfate free shampoos. They cut your hair wet and wash your hair with sulfate products. They are CLUELESS about curly hair. They lost me as a customer.

Reviewed on 06.11.09