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Stylist: Monika Vela

Monika was amazing! In all my 27 years of having curly hair I've never had a better hair cut! It was my first time seeing her and I vaguely told her I wanted it cut. She decided how much and what shape...she definately knew what was best for my facial structure. You ever had those haircuts that look SO great when you're there at the salon...but then you go home and you wash your hair and then you're left to "style" it on your own...and all of a sudden you have a mop? Or a style that's not nearly as nice as at the salon? Monika's cuts are not that way at all. She cut it so that it compliments my features and made it easy for me to be able to style my own hair. I absolutely love her and I recommend her to all.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  2.23.06