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Stylist: Natalie

I've finally found a stylist who gets it! Natalie did a great job (cut and deep condition) on my 3c curls. She's very personable and is very open to suggestions. If you're interested in trying her out, email me at [email protected], and I can send you a card for 50% off her services.

Reviewed on 05.20.10

Stylist: Natalie

First and foremost I want to say that I absolutely loved Natalie. She took a great deal of time getting to know me and my hair and figuring out exactly what I wanted to do with it. She is a very energetic and friendly person, which made the experience even that much better. She did a wonderful job cutting my hair and I can't wait to go back to her next time. A couple things about Oliver Studio: Natalie used to own Oliver Studio but now she is working with Mitchell James (right across from the Galleria). She is planning on opening another salon soon. The atmosphere was really nice. As soon as I walked in I was offered coffee and there were donuts for breakfast. The place was very lively and everyone seemed to be excited about what they were doing. The Haircut: Was probably the best haircut I have ever received. After Natalie cut my hair she gave me a neck and scalp massage, then washed my hair, and styled. Her prices are very reasonable for the treatment and care you get on your hair. Aside from the haircut, Natalie is hilarious and will have you laughing the entire time. She is very personable and really takes time getting to know her clients. All in all, I would recommend Natalie to any curly girl out there. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed on 04.28.10

Stylist: Amy

I'm multiracial with extremely curly hair and no one has ever been able to cut layers in my hair and send me out of the studio looking as great as I did after a CurlyGirl cut by Amy. Usually, I put my hair in a ponytail and race home to use my own products after going to the salon, but Amy was the first person who's been able to style my hair in the studio using their own products (DevaCurl). I actually left the salon with my hair looking great and ready-to-go for the first time ever. I've found that DevaCurl works even better than some of the products I've been using all this time. It gives my hair a more defined and slightly looser curl without looking greasy or weighed down. I'm EXTREMELY thankful that I managed to find out about the CurlyGirl cut. Amy did an amazing job with my hair and I can't believe what I've been missing out on all this time!

Reviewed on 10.19.09

Stylist: Natalie

Once again, Natalie has made me feel beautiful and I love my curl!!! I first came to Natalie after my son was born and I wanted to feel pretty again, and not like a frumpy mom. That was the first time I had ever walked out of a salon completely happy with my hair. Now, I live four hours away in Kansas City and I STILL drive all the way out to St. Louis just to get my hair done by Natalie. She's a miracle worker for curls!! LOL! She also has a great personality and the atmosphere of the salon is friendly, relaxing, and like a little sanctuary. I can't give enough praise for Oliver's Studio! All I can say is that curly hair divas should DEFINITELY go see them!!

Reviewed on 09.04.09

Stylist: Natalie

I am absolutely thrilled with what Natalie did to my hair! I feel like a whole new person. She was perfect. We had a great discussion of what I wanted to do, what kind of highlights, length, etc. Not only did I get fabulous highlights, the haircut is amazing! I had been letting my hair grow for my wedding and we cut off 4-6 inches. I now wish I would've gotten this haircut BEFORE the wedding, that's how amazing I look. She taught me how to treat my hair better, what products work, you name it; she'll know the answer for your question! Where has she been all my curly life?! My husband loves it; he kept commenting on it all night. (I just had it done yesterday!) Everyone at work loves it. I will definitely continue to go back to see Natalie! :)

Reviewed on 09.03.09

Stylist: Amy

I say Amy, however a few stylist have worked with my hair there and they are the first to do it right! They introduced me to Deva! I am almost 50 years old and have never been able to take care of my hair, thank you.

Reviewed on 06.16.09

Stylist: Natalie

I chose Natalie at Oliver’s studio after reading good reviews on this site about her. I had used another curly trained stylist, who was super, but she left the salon where I first found her and I lost track of her. While the salon itself is very nice, and the people were helpful and welcoming, I was disappointed in my haircut experience. When I walked in and noticed that my stylist had straight hair, I was skeptical, but not closed-minded. Natalie did a thorough review of my hair and asked me lots of questions, which I appreciated. However, as we moved further in the conversation she informed me that she actually has a mixed-style of cutting, which includes the dry cut and then a wet cut. Lorraine Massey (CURLY GIRL author) does not recommend wet cut so if you want a pure curly girl cut, wet is not the way. Another thing I noticed was that Natalie began the dry cut in the method Massey describes, but then she would use the scissors in a razor cutting way (sorry don’t know the correct salon term) and tear downward on the curl. This tearing is damaging to the hair; cutting is not. She did take the time to cut the individual curls, which makes the style turn out great. She also cut my length exactly as I asked even when I asked her to take it shorter. The first stylist I used encouraged me to keep my hair longer, so I appreciated Natalie doing what I asked for my length. After the dry cut was complete, she washed me and proceeded to do a wet cut. I should have had the courage to stop her, but I figured I should be open to a new technique (I assumed she learned in NYC from Massey) so I let it go. Basically she then cut my hair just like it used to be cut before I learned about Massey’s technique. So, the visit was much longer than I expected, I had my hair cut twice and techniques that were not really “Curly Girl” techniques were used. I would agree that I could have spoken up at anytime. All in all my hair looked fine….it’s just hair after all. I am not sure if I would return to Natalie, but I want to say that she is a competent stylist if you need a good haircut. I desire a pure Lorraine Massey dry cut and nothing less, so Natalie’s techniques were not for me. Natalie and I had great conversation, and she is a lovely person. I am glad to have her as an option, and I feel like I could go back to her and share my concerns and have her do a great dry cut without the things I didn’t like.

Reviewed on 05.29.09

Stylist: Natalie

I brought a friend in after reading the reviews. She conditioned and cut my friend's hair and it honestly looked no better than when we came in! One of the other people at the shop actually said we should call the better business bureau.

Reviewed on 02.25.09

Stylist: Emily

I LOVED this experience so much! It was my first DevaCut, and so worth it (although it was a bit pricey). I was so determined to go to a DevaCut specialist that I drove 2 and a half hours to come to this studio, and it was so worth it! She took off most of my damaged hair, so it was a bit shorter than I usually wear it, but I was ok with that, because it looked so good. She did try to convince me to let her put in some streaks or highlights, but I think that's because she could tell I'd done a lot of odd/fun things to my hair in the past (the most recent was when I had bleach chunks put in my very dark reddish brown hair). I would highly recommend this stylist, and this studio in general, to anyone. P.S. It doesn't hurt that the studio is in this adorable little suburb with all these cute little antique shops and quaint bars... it's just fun to wander around that area. :-)

Reviewed on 01.25.09

Stylist: Natalie Clark

I have had lived all over the country and had my hair done in dozens of places, and Oliver's Studio has given me my best hair ever! Natalie Clark, the owner has been giving me Curly Girl cuts for the last year and she is fantastic. It's a beautiful modern salon and the service is great. They even give you beverages! Natalie spends so much time really paying attention to every curl. My hair cut works so well with my face and my daily routine. I've never loved it more, and it' never been more healthy. She helps me pick products that work best for my extra curly hair. Last time I was there I got a super fun color and get compliments on my style nearly EVERY DAY. I am so happy going to Oliver's and would recommend them and Natalie to anyone!

Reviewed on 12.18.08

Stylist: Kim

I tried Oliver's Studio after I couldn't get an appointment at my usual place until later in the week. My appt. was set with Kim, of whom I didn't know anything. I took a few pictures along with me to giver her an idea of what I was looking to do. I explained my concerns and she listened. She not only looked at the pictures, she discussed with me in detail what she thought would look best with my face shape. I was going for a major change, cutting more than 12 inches of hair. She is very talented and knows what she's doing. I have received numerous compliments on my cut. I now know where I am going to continue getting my hair cut. She was amazing!

Reviewed on 11.07.08

Stylist: Natalie, owner

I found Oliver's Studio on NaturallyCurly after becoming bored with my stylist of many years. Even though the salon is about an hour from my house, I took a chance and made an appointment with Natalie. I left the first appointment with an awesome shoulder-length curly cut. What I like the best about the salon is that it's very laid-back and welcoming. I also love getting my hair shampooed/conditioned because they take their time and turn it into a mini-massage as well. Very relaxing! Natalie is great about listening to any requests that I may have. She also answers any questions that I have regarding my curls and styling/caring for them. Her enthusiasm for curly hair is obvious! I have since been back for two or three appointments and have no plans on searching for another salon anytime soon. I love my hair more than I ever have before!

Reviewed on 10.25.08

Stylist: Natalie

I've been to Oliver's Studio three or four times. I decided to try them after being in a sort of hair rut with my old stylist. I made an appointment with Natalie for my first real curly cut. I was definitely not disappointed! The atmosphere is laid-back and friendly. Natalie gave me a fantastic shorter cut that made me really love my curly hair again. She was also great with answering styling/care questions that I had about my hair. Definitely worth the one-hour drive from home!

Reviewed on 10.23.08

Stylist: Emily

I was very pleased with the quality of service at this salon. They were extremely professional and attentive. It was my first "Deva cut" so, I was somewhat skeptic, but, was pleasantly surprised with the result. Emily understood exactly what I was aiming for, and I am extremely happy with my new haircut.

Reviewed on 10.21.08

Stylist: Natalie

First of all, the atmosphere of the salon as a whole is great! I felt welcome (and beautiful!) from the start. Natalie is such a great, friendly person and she did a fabulous job on my hair. What she envisioned is exactly what I was looking for! We cut my curly hair short and it's the best cut I think I have ever had!!! I loved the experience so much that I made my next appointment for a color before I left. When I got home, my husband LOVED it and he wanted my hair to stay long. When I move to Kansas City next year I plan on making a trip out to St Louis every few months just to see Natalie!!

Reviewed on 10.18.08

Stylist: Derek

Derek made me feel really comfortable that he knew what he was doing. He listened to what i wanted and was excited to give my my first curly cut. He spent a lot of time on me and it was a really enjoyable experience! I highly recommend him!

Reviewed on 03.14.08

Stylist: Katie

I decided to treat myself to a birthday haircut at Oliver's and it was well worth the investment! When I entered the salon my hair was looking terrible (frizzy, shapeless, etc.) Katie gave me a great cut and now my hair actually has a style! I would especially recommend her to those of you who have never gotten the "curly cut" before. She talks through every step with you, explaining exactly what she's doing and why the method is so successful. Overall, a great experience. I'll definitely be going back!

Reviewed on 09.08.07

Stylist: Susie

AWESOME!! I walked in and saw a room full of naturally curly girls and knew I was in the right place! I was offered a drink right when I walked in (great peach tea by the way), settled into the couch, had a short wait..and then we were off! My hair, WAS a mess..I have had so many people tell me "OMG..you have SO much hair" like I am some freak of nature..Susie was full of compliments about my big curly hair. She kept telling me it was just perfect etc...I am a work in progress, we are letting some layers grow out, but I am totally psyched for my next appointment. This from the girl who was terrified to go for haircuts because they have always been bad! My hair looks awesome now, the bulk is out..I actually have a style!!

Reviewed on 07.08.07

Stylist: Katie

I made an appointment at Oliver's Studio after I read all the great reviews here. The receptionist was really nice on the phone and made my appointment with Katie. Oliver's Studio is gorgeous! It's the perfect modern urban retreat. Katie was everything I hoped she would be. She took her time cutting my hair and taught me how to make the most out of my curls. She transformed my frizzy mess into soft spiral curls... I never realized my hair could do that. Even my problem areas (top and sides) that are always straight, have started to twist into spirals. I think Katie performed a miracle with my hair! I can't wait to see how much my hair curls as it grows out. I look forward to my next appointment with Katie.

Reviewed on 05.07.07

Stylist: Natalie Clark, Owner

After watching Lorraine Massey (of Deva Curl fame) on a morning show, and being totally frustrated with my curly hair, I decided to search for someone in the Saint Louis area that was trained by her. After a lot of researching I decided to try Natalie at Oliver's in Lafayette Square. I have never been so totally satisfied with a cut and color. Natalie spent a lot of time with me, not only teaching me how to style my hair at home, but also about her philosophy for curly hair regarding cut and color. She uses Goldwell color, which she said was better for curly hair and I could not agree more. I could really tell a difference the first time I washed it. I bought the entire line of the Deva Curl products and love them all. The salon (which also has a full service spa) is so nice. Everyone is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. You will not be disappointed with Natalie if you are a curly girl! On a side note, Derek at the salon did a wonderful job on my husband's hair (non curly). My only regret is that I am moving from Saint Louis to Texas in July. I have raved so much about Natalie that my husband said I can fly back up to get my hair done! That is how good she is.

Reviewed on 04.05.07

Stylist: susie moser

I had fought my curly hair for years when one day I finally decided to embrace it. After many stylists telling me that there weren't many options for my hair because it was so thick and curly, I was ready to cut it all off. Then my friend took me to her stylist, Susie, at Oliver' Studio. I was skeptical because my friend has straight hair but went anyway. Boy was that a great decision! Susie knew exactly what to do with my hair! She layered it and thinned it out (which I have been told repeatedly couldn't be done to my hair) and gave it a great shape. I now have an actual hairdo instead of just a head of hair! Now I get compliments on my "beautiful curly hair! Thanks Susie!!

Reviewed on 03.31.07

Stylist: Natalie Clark

All my life I struggled with curly hair and the constant search for the hair stylist who understood the curls. I've had many bad experiences, several okay, but only one or two good, and the experience at Oliver Studio, with owner Natalie Clark, is off the charts. Natalie had worked with my hair for almost 4 years and have always been pleased with outcome. Unlike many stylists who do the one size fits all curly hair cuts, Natalie listens to what you want and then finds the right way to cut the hair. And, on top of the curly cutting, she is an awesome colorist that brings the curls alive with highlights.

Reviewed on 02.21.07

Stylist: Gina

I read the Curly Girl book and wanted to find a stylist with curly cut training. Gina did an awesome job on my hair. I have naturally wavy hair and it was weighted down and bulky at the ends. Gina knew exactly what to do. She worked on sections of my hair by spritzing it while it was dry. After the cut she washed my hair using DevaCurl No-Poo and conditioner and fixed my hair with the DevaCurl products. My hair has never looked better. My waves are so springy that I have loose curls now. The cut was 4 days ago and I can easily fix my hair and I've gotten a lot of compliments on the change. I highly recommend Gina and Oliver's Studio.

Reviewed on 02.15.07

Stylist: Natalie

This place was absolutely amazing! I have very naturally curly hair and it has always lacked style and direction. It took me 19 years, but I have finally found someone who understands the art of cutting curly hair. I love my hair and she can't even know how much she gave to me through this haircut! I will never speak badly of my curls again!

Reviewed on 12.21.06

Stylist: Natalie

I decided to try someone who specializes in cutting/working with curly hair for my last haircut. Natalie was great! She gave me the best haircut/style I have had in years and gave me step by step instructions on how to take care of it/ style it myself. It has been over a month since she cut my hair and I love it more everyday! I get more compliments on my beautiful curly hair now then I have my whole life. She really knows her stuff! I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone with curly hair! Caroline

Reviewed on 12.20.06

Stylist: Katie

This salon has the GREATEST people and the best atmosphere, not to mention the best services. I cant help myself i go back every week its so wonderful, between hair treatments, cuts, color and massages, I dont know where to begin. I am from Manhattan and I have to say this salon would do great there.

Reviewed on 12.14.06

Stylist: Katie

This salon has the GREATEST people and the best atmosphere, not to mention the best services. I cant help myself i go back every week its so wonderful, between hair treatments, cuts, color and massages, I dont know where to begin. I am from Manhattan and I have to say this salon would do great there.

Reviewed on 12.14.06

Stylist: Lisa Lepardo

I have had curly hair for years but never found anyone who could work with my hair without looking like a bushy christmas tree-Olivers Studio and Lisa are amazing!!! I love my soft natural curls and highly recommend the staff at Olivers Studio-they are the best I have ever found!!!

Reviewed on 12.02.06

Stylist: Katie

Katie is great. She not only cut my hair, but she took the time to explain everything she was doing and why. She gave me step by step instructions on how to style my hair at home (and it works!) After I got home, she phoned me to explain that they had over-charged me (I would never have noticed) and offered to mail me my refund. I was so impressed by her integrity. I would never have noticed if it wasn't for her honestly. She is friendly, skilled and honest. What more can you ask for?

Reviewed on 11.29.06

Stylist: Natalie Clark

Wow! Natalie is a Deva trained stylist. She listened to me describe my goal length and then she discussed where growth would be needed and how she'd prevent "triangle head" in the process of growing it out. I liked the cut very much when I left the salon, but after living with it for a couple of weeks, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It dries so much more quickly with a lot of the bulk taken out, yet it doesn't look "thin" or "stringy" at all. There are also other Deva trained stylists at the salon, if you can't manage to get in with Natalie. They unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with their cuts, so you just can't beat it!

Reviewed on 09.11.06