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Stylist: Sheila Head

This was my first haircut ever with my natural curly hair and I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the results. Sheila made me feel VERY comfortable and assured me that I was in good hands. I had quite a bit of hair cut off but the shape she gave me was exellent. She did style my hair once it was cut and I liked it but it was not what I'd usually wear to work. I came home and added a few produts of my own and voila....I could really see what she did and I love it. Her website says haircuts are $55 dollars but in the salon the price was $60. If there were any cons, I guess that would be the only one. The salon is quaint and the staff is very welcoming. Will be going back!

Stylist: Shield Head

I used to go to Shiela, but I became so fed up with the unprofessional wait that I had to quit. It just wasn't worth the price. In general, she's a good stylist, but she takes a really long time to get through a simple cut because she's juggling all of the clients herself. I would often wait over an hour to be seen (even after showing up on time) and then I would have pauses in my styling because the phone would ring, someone would come to the house, or she wanted to attend to another client. For the price of those cuts and services, I think that we deserve better. Since her cuts didn't knock my socks off, I'll be going elsewhere from now on.

Stylist: Shelia Head

I'm a white girl with thick curly hair, which I hated and fought with all my life until in my 20's when I finally went to a hairdresser and got the first cut in my life that allowed the curls to do their thing in a beautiful way! The fight was over. I'd only trusted my hair to the scissors of 2 other hairdressers since then (in 20+ years!) and when my last one "fired me" over a year ago, the search was on again! I typed "curly hairdressers" into a web search and came to this site. I live in the East Bay and found the reviews for Shelia's Head Design Salon, and they seemed very positive overall. I am SOOOO happy to have found Sheila!! She has been cutting hair for over 30 years, so she is relaxed and confident about what she does, nothing flamboyant or showy about her techniques, just solid down-to-earth lasting style. I just LOVE the way my hair is growing out, she has given it the best shape ever and it's finally getting some length! It took several cuts to get it well underway--be patient, ladies! I also let her play with color, which I'd always been nervous about. She really listens to what I want and respects my desires, while explaining what she is doing to put to rest my fears! Her Salon is set in an old Victorian house with a lush garden outside, where you can sun-dry your hair on a warm day. Every time I've been there, I've had no waiting and I get plenty of attention. She loves working with my hair and we have a lot of laughs about relationships and life. I'll keep going back to Sheila for consistent great results, and even try a new color now and then. Oh--and all my friends marvel at how great my hair is looking these days!

Reviewed by Guest on 8.16.07

Stylist: Sheila Head

I have fine to medium textured type 4 hair* (I will explain why this is important, later) and when I went in the salon, I saw all hair types being serviced. Pros: very good price/ value, stylist is a skilled hair cutter and works with your face shape, hair texture, etc.; salon is an interesting space, parking is easy, it's easy to get to, find, stylist is pleasant/ nice. Uses some good products**. Stylist listens to you. Bonus is that my hair cut is growing out quite nicely. Cons: The cons I have are basically the cons I have for practically every stylist I have ever gone to. Overbooking: For just a cut and no other services, this took way to long, due to the fact that stylist was juggling multiple clients at once. Comb out: Stylist did not comb my hair out with conditioner or product in it, plus my hair dried out while I was waiting for my cut, so the comb out was really difficult* (see above) and I can see that my hair is broken off in the front. Plus, my scalp was very sore afterward. Dryer: Stylist put me under the dryer without asking (a no-no for curlyheads!) and I hate that. I would have refused, but my shirt was dripping wet and I was now running extremely late. **Grease: My hair was bone dry by this time, so she greased/ oiled my hair. My hair does not like certain oils/ grease, so this dried my hair out further, but many stylists still do this to type 4 hair. This was my first visit, but I am weighing whether or not to go back. The cut is REALLY good, but there are some things that stylists often don't. but should really know how to do, like comb out fine tangly hair.

Reviewed by Guest on 11.20.06

Stylist: Sheila

Sheila is the master of cutting. Her shop is quaint and intimate. If you're looking for the high glamour atmosphere, don't go! If you're looking for someone to cut, cut, and really know how to cut curly hair, go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheila is truly a master at cutting ALL types of hair. Yes, my hair is curly and she did a great job, however, while waiting to be serviced, I noticed the great cutting she was doing on other types of hair also. And my cut has grown out nicely, too. I stil get compliments and it's time to go back for another cut. Thank you Sheila for your expertise!

Reviewed by Guest on 8.4.06

Stylist: Sheila

I went to Sheila based on all the recommendations on this website, and I was disappointed and surprised to the point that the entire experience was comical though Sheila herself is quite nice. It started when I walked in - her studio is in the back of her house. She had just had the plants trimmed and the trimmings were covering the walkway, making it hard to get through. My jacket got caught on something as I was trying to squirm through, and the next thing I knew, a concrete brick had fallen off the wall and onto my foot. The pain was almost unbearable, but after a long, stunned silence, I made my way in. Sheila was backed up and I had to wait 15-20 minutes for her to start. There was nowhere comfy to sit and wait. And while I was in the middle of getting shampooed, she left me uncomfortably leaning my head back over the sink for easily 10-15 minutes while she finished cutting another clients hair! I would have fallen asleep if I weren't so uncomfortable. She spent VERY little time cutting my hair, and I was shocked when she had me throw my head upside down to "poof" it all out. (Isn't that the LAST thing you're supposed to do with curly hair?) Then she had me sit under the dryer, without asking if I wanted to (I usually decline getting anywhere near a dryer). Overall, I was in her studio about 2 hours and she spent, at most, 15 minutes actually cutting my hair. I didn't bother saying anything because, as I said, the whole thing was so comical, I wanted to see what would happen next. The quick haircut she gave me wasn't awful, but it wasn't great, either and hasn't grown out very well. Certainly not worth the time and discomfort I spent there. I DON'T RECOMMEND HER!!

Reviewed by Guest on 4.4.06

Stylist: Sheila

I have type 4a/b curly hair and was looking for a new style. After reading the reviews on this site I went over to Head Designs and was very impressed. The setting of the salon is a very comfortable, friendly space and Sheila is great! She even has a garden in the back where you can sit and air dry your hair if you like. I told her what I wanted (to grow my hair longer and be able to have versatility) and she gave me a light texturizer and a cute cut. Because I wore my hair straight for about 6 years, then cut it to wear it naturally for the past 2 years, I was worried about putting chemicals in my hair. Sheila did a great job of loosening the curls, keeping the volume and gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for. She also recommends this GREAT hair product "Mixed Chicks" which is a leave in conditioner AND styling product. I am definately going back to this place, and all types of curly hair who are looking for a good stylist need to see Sheila!

Reviewed by Guest on 3.23.06

Stylist: Shelia

I've got LOTS of thick coily/ curly dry multi-ethnic hair and although most places *say* they can cut it, usually when I walk through the door, the stylist looks terrified. And I get butchered and overcharged. Not so with Sheila! She asks lots of questions and loves to cut, style, and help maintain healthy curls. She's also very personable and pleasant. Sheila is skilled at cutting *all* types of curly hair, too, not just 3C-4A (my type). I'm very pleased and will be returning.

Reviewed by Guest on 2.13.06