Laura's Hair Company

209 A S Section St.
Fairhope, AL 36532

User Reviews

Stylist: This salon has been closed.

Salon phone numbers disconnected as of 3/28/2010

Reviewed on 03.28.19


Is this salon closed? I called just non and got a message from ATT saying the phone was no longer in service.

Reviewed on 06.10.14

Stylist: Laura

I cannot and do not trust anyone else to cut my hair, so naturally when it came time for my children to start getting thei hair cut I took them to Laura. My daughter has type 2 hair and Laura has always cut it beautifully. My son however has type 3c hair. Laura has given him 3 haircuts to date and I couldn't be happier. His curls always look fantastic when we leave her salon.

Reviewed on 09.24.08

Stylist: Lori Smith

A truly amazing stylist who knows how to cut my 3a curly hair! She takes the time to not only listen to your concerns/needs, she also gives great advice on how to style your hair to its best potential. I couldn't be happier with my hair now! The salon & staff are so freindly and they really make the whole experience fun & wonderful!

Reviewed on 05.28.08

Stylist: Laura Vendetti

Answer to prayers! After numerous stylists, salons and horrifying cuts I have finally found someone who has a clue about dealing with curls of all shapes and sizes! Laura is a MASTER when it comes to dealing with curls; more importantly she takes the time to listen and check out your curls BEFORE cutting.

Reviewed on 09.06.07

Stylist: Laura

I recently had the pleasure to have my hair cut and colored by Laura Vendetti. She did an amazing job!!!! I absolutely love the color (which is a more natural shade for me) and the cut suits my curly hair perfectly. Laura took the time to get to know me before deciding what color and cut would be best for me and my curly mane. Not only is Laura superb at doing hair, but her decorating taste is awesome! The decor and atmosphere throughout her shop is fun, welcoming, and unique. When visiting Laura's shop, be prepared not only for fabulous hair, but also an incredibly sweet staff.

Reviewed on 08.18.07

Stylist: Laura Vendetti

I have naturally curly hair and Laura is the ONLY person I trust to cut it. From the first cut she has given me exactly what I wanted and I get loads of compliments. And if a great cut isn't enough for you, the pre-cut scalp massage will leave you helpless on the floor. Call her today!

Reviewed on 08.01.07