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Stylist: Michael Crispel

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

FINALLY!!! Someone who truly understands curly hair! I was so impressed with my appointment. I met with Michael for the first time yesterday. He really takes the time to understand what you are looking for and how best to cut and style. I was adamant that if it takes more than five minutes in the morning to style it wasn't going to happen. Well let me tell you - less than five minutes and it's almost perfect (I need practice in shaping my curls). Fabulous - no more Christmas Tree!! The staff at the salon are also very very nice and friendly - the whole experience was one of the best I have ever had. I am highly recommending this salon to anyone who has "real" curly hair. Very very happy with my appointment.

Stylist: Michael Crispel

I have been going to Michael for years for my curly hair. He is fantastic, I have never felt more comfortable with a stylist, and he is ALWAYS consistant with his cuts and the time he gives you when you are in his chair. I am VERY particular, and I always leave there feeling amazing. He makes you feel like you are the only person in the room and listens to any of your concerns. Highly recomended as always!!

Stylist: michael

the first time i went to earth salon, i got an AMAZING hair cut by michael - probably the best cut i've ever had. however, i went again a few months later and this time michael butchered my hair. he rushed through (whole wash, cut and style took less than 30 minutes) and didn't really take the time to see that my hair looked good. it really felt like he just wanted to get me out of there. i went back to get it adjusted because it looked so terrible and it's an improvement, but nowhere near as good as it looked the first time. needless to say, i'm not returning there again, and no longer trust him with my hair.

Stylist: n/a

I would like to know if you guys who are reviewing have African American curly hair like a 3c/4a, because I am not sure if this place can work with my hair texture. I would like to know that before I drop down a bunch of money. Thanks to all who reply.

Stylist: Mischaela

This young lady is talented....and super nice I may add. She can really work with curly hair, and I was really impressed with how she walked me through how to maintain the style. Great salon and staff. I love it every time. xo

Stylist: Michael Crispel

Michael is a true artist when it comes to curly hair. His passion and dedication to learning how to work with curly hair really shines through. I have had a number of terrible haircuts in my life and am so grateful I found Michael. I will never trust anyone else with my hair again. His salon is beautiful and the crew there are so friendly. Thank you Michael! Lindsay

Stylist: Michael Crispel

Truly nothing short of amazing!! Firstly the salon enviroment is beautiful, tranquil, and relaxing. Michael is a true professional. He really listned to me and educated me on my curl. I have now found my matching stylist. Thanks Michael.

Stylist: Michael Crispel

Michael is fantastic! I had my hair cut with him in February and have been meaning to make a post ever since... for the first time in my life, i've worn my hair down everyday! not only was my cut great, but he went above and beyond to make sure I was really happy with it -- making a small adjustment a couple weeks later and reccomending products... I really reccomend him-- he's worth every penny!

Reviewed by Guest on 5.30.07

Stylist: Michael Crispel

I very rarely take recomendations from web posts but after my experience with Michael i will Always keep an open mind. HE IS TRULY AMAZING. My hair and my attitude towards my hair has been transformed. I found my permenant home at earth!!!

Reviewed by Guest on 5.28.07

Stylist: Michael Crispel

I went to Michael based on reviews here and from a recommendation from a woman I stopped on the streets of Toronto. I came back today from my appointment with Michael and he's fabulous. He listened to my concerns, asked about my daily routine, even discovered the 'rough patch' at the back of my head and gave me a great cut. Afterwards he gave me step-by-step instructions on how to style my own hair. If you go to Earth, they also offer free blow-dry sessions to teach you how to give yourself a professional blowout, suggestions on cute curly updos and even free bang trims. How you know it's good? The receptionist has curly hair and it looks great.

Reviewed by Guest on 1.16.07

Stylist: Michael Crispel

after seeing all of the great feedback I got myself an appointment with Michael at earth salon. Let me tell you it is all true. I was always so concerned about switching stylists but the move to eath was fantastic. My curl has never fallen better. Between being treated like a real human being with the high end atmosphere and the cut, I have made earth my new home. Checking it out is a absolute YES!!!!

Reviewed by Guest on 12.1.06

Stylist: Michael Crispin

Everything Every Other curlygirl has written about this guy is true. I'm visitng Toronto and I've been afraid to get my tight ringlets cut in San Francisco, Atlanta, the Carribbean. I've been waiting months to see Lorraine in New York, but after seeing all the GREAT heads of curly hair in Toronto I thought "these people must be on to something." I'm certain that something is Michael. I was so nervous I nearly cried in the cab on my way over and he dispelled my terror by assuring me 'you will not end up with a Christmas tree on your head." He's a curly guy himself. The salon is nice, the appointment was quick and he was thorough, really listening to what i wanted from my style and the flexibility I wanted to have. Since I'm a visitor he even promised to find some people closer to home who had training and background and would understand my hair. He's a great hairstylist and a wonderful businessman. I would buy another ticket to Toronto just to keep my hair THIS FLY!

Reviewed by Guest on 9.22.06

Stylist: Michael

It's true people! Michael made me feel right at home and the staff was amazing too. I never felt better about my hair. Sexy, sexy, sexy. Thank you so much.

Reviewed by Guest on 8.27.06

Stylist: michael

as i sit in the salon i must tell you the best place in toronto for curly hair ,the service is amazing .thank michael

Reviewed by Guest on 7.28.06

Stylist: michael

Michael at Earth salon is the best experiance ever best hair I ever had.

Reviewed by Guest on 7.18.06

Stylist: Michael Crispel

Thanks to the referals on this website, I found Michael who really took the time to educate me about my hair, since then I have received nothing but complements, and if that was not enough, I recieved a complementary hand massage!! I have nothing but great things to say about earth salon

Reviewed by Guest on 7.13.06