The Right Angle Salon

310 Forest Street
Oakland, CA 94618

User Reviews

Stylist: Tanya Wright

  I am someone who colors their hair often. My hair is thick and corse with large s-waves. However, after some bleaching and a (one time only) henna application, my hair was pretty beat up and was looking frizzy and fried.    I sought out Tanya at Right Angle Hair Salon for a deep conditioning treatment. After just the first treatment alone my hair began to feel softer and healthy. I've had three treatments from her so far and my hair has regained its softness and shine! I could not be happier with the results.    Tanya is a great listener and really knows how to work with my hair. I highly recommend her for anyone with thick/curly hair. 

Reviewed on 10.24.17

Stylist: Loretta DeBrule

The worst hair cut of my life. The worst dye job of my life. Loretta DeBrule suggested a base color similar to my own hair with "soft subtle brown highlights". She gave me very dark brown/black hair in the front /bangs and milk chocolate in the middle section and medium brown in the back with "manilla envelope" orange colored highlights in sporadic weird locations that make no sense in location or how or where my hair grows. She colored my hair first and then cut it when it was still wet. Anyone who claims to cut curly hair knows you don't DO that with curly hair. She also pulled my wet hair down and cut it... I saw it spring back up and new right then and there that I was in trouble. I told her I was trying to grow it out. I had not had a cut in over 4 months (from very very short to ringlet curls).... she cut half of it off. HALF! I had "wings" sticking out above my ears!!! She told me my hair was "angry" from being handled too much when I told her I look like "Little Orphan Annie". She said to give it a week or two and to get back to her if I had an questions. I found her on She came highly recommended... big mistake. I asked her if she was familiar with cutting naturally curly hair and she assured me she was. My friends told me to contact her to allow her the opportunity to fix it but I can't afford another $215 !!! It's been 2 weeks. My hair is still angry and so am I.

Reviewed on 04.19.07

Stylist: Stacy Curns

I've had my last couple of haircuts from Stacy Curns at Right Angle (not Stacey Hambley -- there are 2 different Stacy's at the salon!). I've loved both cuts. I have type 3b-3c hair, and I had to ask Stacy to rescue me from a horrible haircut. She did a great job and what's more, she is very good about being on time and not having you sit in the salon and wait.

Reviewed on 07.12.06

Stylist: Loretta deBrule

Formerly at the Hair Tailor, cutting at The Right Angle Salon in Rockridge. I had to google her to get her phone number. I am so glad to have found her again. Her color work is amazing,as well as cutting my fine, curly hair.

Reviewed on 07.02.06