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Stylist: Lora Johnson

NOT AT HOTHEADS! She seems to still be finding a good home, so call her cell at 626-644-6649 to find out where she is. She is an amazing stylist and will work with you on the right shape for your face. She is the first person who has colored my curls without drying them out completely. I can't live without her and would drive for hours to reach her!

REVIEWED BY: rbonnet  |  9.8.09

Stylist: Lora Johnson

OK, normally I am completely freaked out and scared about who is going to cut my hair. I am so excited to announce that finally I met someone who really cares about ME, my face shape, my wants, and possibly re-direct the truths about my hair wants, and tell me, without probing to hard my needs. LORA U ROCK! I didn't feel I was in the hands of incompetence what so ever! The person who wrote not to drive to you is crazy. Wherever you are, I will follow. Curly girls, she is fun, caring, sensitive, mature, professional, expensive and WORTH it. You will spend 80.00 maybe twice a year. (That’s not too bad for a GOOD haircut!) I'M PICKY!

REVIEWED BY: picky  |  8.30.09

Stylist: Lora Johnson

She shouldn't even be listed anymore in Pasadena since she isn't there! Sadly, although Lora is a really nice person, I was GREATLY disappointed by my "cut". Overpriced, overrated and worse I had to drive all the way to Timbuktu to see her. I would not return and do not recommend.

Stylist: Lora

Lora is now at Papillon Salon in Upland. Trust me, its worth the drive!

REVIEWED BY: jredz  |  7.28.09

Stylist: Lora Johnson

Warning! Lora no longer works at Hotheads in Pasadena. She moved out to somewhere in Claremont about 6 months ago.

REVIEWED BY: anasif  |  6.27.09

Stylist: Lora Johnson

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have very thick and difficult to manage, can't put a comb through type of curly hair and until Lora I had never had a good haircut. I would always leave the salon feeling horrible, but not anymore Lora actually listens to want you want and she actually knows what she is doing. Hotheads is a great salon with really friendly staff. All curly girls need to see Lora, you will not be disappointed!!!!!!!! She is my new stylist for life.

Stylist: Lora Johnson

I've just had my third cut with Lora, and I can't say enough wonderful things about this stylist. She is one of the few stylists I've been to that actually LISTENS, not just nods her head and pretends to listen. She cuts hair dry, and while she doesn't carry any curly products, she completely respects that I am cone and sulfate free, and don't ever comb, brush, or heat style my hair. I have long, wavy hair that forms soft, loose ringlets if treated properly, and with a technique she calls "slithering", Lora de-bulks my hair into layers that bring out the curl. The gave me long bangs that perfectly frame my face and soften my forehead. She's also great at fixing other stylist's mistakes--my hair was trashed by a number of stylists, so I was understandably skittish to try another. Lora was patient and understanding, and brought out the best in my hair. I can't recommend her enough.

Stylist: Lora Johnson

Lora did an amazing job with my hair. She really studied my face shape, my hair type, and that I usually just let my hair air dry (so no flat irons or blow dryers for me). My hair cut is amazing. My fine, thin but curly locks now have a ton more body and the curls look much better/healthier. I knew I could trust Lora with my hair. She did a fantastic job! She also suggested that I do something with my eyebrows. Maral did the threading and tweezing and my brows look amazing!! i never would have guessed they're be such a difference! Maral is the best with brows! *p.s. don't be surprised when you see that Lora doesn't have curly hair. She definetly knows what she's doing!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  10.23.06

Stylist: Lora

For years I've been searching for "the one" and always I think I found her. The best thing about Lora is that she REALLY does care. My hair was an overprocessed wreck when I walked in and she saved it. She listened and made it work. It's not about money....this woman loves to work with curly hair and is pleased when you're pleased. For the first time, I walked out of a salon without a hat. Thank you Lora!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  9.16.06

Stylist: Lora Johnson

Lora understood exactly what I wanted. She LOVES hair, and takes styling as an art form. Lora has a friendly and engaging personality and LISTENS with care regarding what you want and don't want. My curls were more defined and free of some bulk and weight. I happily will return to her and recommend her to all curlies in the Pasadena/ San Gabriel area.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  8.17.06

Stylist: Lora Johnson

This is a first. When do you ever walk in and know without a doubt you are in the hands of someone who cares and knows what the heck she is doing. I feel so beautiful and never felt better about my hair. It is not about the money either. I get the impression that she is not about that as much as she is about caring to see that I am happy and look my best. You get to lay down for the shampoo! That is very cool. Enjoy everyone.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  2.13.06