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Stylist: Joanne Kim

Joanne is awesome! She gives a great cut because she is familiar and comfortable with thick curly hair. My hair type is somewhere between 3B and 3C and is course, middle eastern type hair. ALL of my hair salon experiences before Joanne were disastrous and resulted in tears. Until I found this site and this salon and this HAIRDRESSER that I finally had a good experience. She wasn't trying to get me to straighten my hair, or complain about HOW MUCH HAIR I HAVE, or anything. She asked me what I wanted and she is very open to listening and giving your hair the style that YOU want. Furthermore, she knows what's she's doing with the hair. She has techniques for curly hair that probably contribute to her laidback attitude versus the scared, frantic hairdressers I usually come in contact with. All in all, I'm a returning and customer and was very happy with her service. She doesn't try to CHANGE your hair, but give it the best cut so your curls lay properly. Very awesome.

Reviewed on 03.06.11

Stylist: Joanne Kim

I have had three cuts from Joanne and they have all been great. After going through several stylists who couldn't cut my wavy slightly curly type 2 hair, I tried Joanne. Shes on time, easy to talk to, understands my hair and the salon itself is great too.

Reviewed on 09.28.10

Stylist: Joanne Kim

I found Joanne Kim from this site. She has now cut my hair 3 times, and each cut is always perfect. She is amazing. She is always on time, pleasant, listens to you and gives a great cut. I tried a few of the pricey salons in NB to find someone who cut my hair and they didnt do half the job of Joanne. The salon is great and everyone who works there is very nice. Try Joanne, you wont be sorry.

Reviewed on 09.28.10

Stylist: Joanne Kim

I'm glad I found Joanne because it's been a long time since I've had a stylist who likes and is comfortable cutting curly hair. She layered it while leaving length, and my hair looks awesome - all my friends are jealous. I wouldn't necessarily call her a 'curly hair expert' because that would be someone who also shapes and trims quite a bit after your hair dries and they see where your curls are laying and where they still need shaping, and she does not do that. Still, I think she has a good eye, and is certainly very pleasant to chat with, and recommended my new all time favorite product TIGI Small Talk. I'll be back to see her in 2 months!

Reviewed on 09.14.10

Stylist: Joanne Kim

I went to Joanne based on these reviews and I loved her personality but was saddened by how she butchered my hair. I don't like giving bad reviews and deliberated over whether I should post this, but since someone may benefit from reading about my experience, here it is... Joanne had agreed to just trimming my shoulder length hair and said that she would barely cut anything at all, gesturing around an inch at most. However, she quickly snipped very short layers all around my crown that now sit like a helmet on top of the rest of my disjointedly longer hair around the sides and nape of my neck. Think Carol Brady but much less polished and without any defined style. When I asked her to fix the disjointed longer hair, she pressed it all against my back using her arm and made a single dry cut across the entire bottom to make the overall length shorter. I pointed out uneven sides but she replied that she had checked for evenness already and it was just due to her styling. It was then that I realized she lacked the necessary skills to cut my 2b-2c hair. Joanne had taken a flat iron to my waves and I tried restyling it in every possible way with no luck. I thought maybe I was being too critical but all of my friends, family, and even work colleagues were appalled upon seeing the cut and made unsolicited comments like "your haircut is uneven" or "your hair needs some work" or "you need to get your haircut fixed". Perhaps she is great at cutting curlier hair than mine that's always worn messy and super curly so the actual cut isn't as apparent; but please take the glowing reviews on here with a grain of salt, as they could be due to her great personality and awesome conversation skills instead of her actual hair cutting skills. On a 1(low)-5(high) scale, this $65 ($78 with tip) haircut is a 1.5, second only to a super short mullet I received 13 years ago.

Reviewed on 06.11.10

Stylist: Jennifer

This is the 3rd time that I have been to see Jennifer. She is super fantastic! I have super curly hair and LOTS of it. She isn't afraid of it at all. She has colored my hair twice with great results. This time I went in for a Brazilian blowout. It is awesome! She did a fantastic job. You should definitely go and see Jennifer if you have curly hair. She also does the best blowouts each time she does my hair. I hate when I have to wash it out!

Reviewed on 06.08.10

Stylist: Joanne Kim

I found Joanne on this site after much frustration in trying to get my big, fluffy, thick curly/wavy hair cut right. She is the only person who has EVER given me a great haircut...consistently! I have been going to her and she does my color and cut PERFECT every time, not even one bad haircut in 6 years! She knows how to fix the always curly girl problem triangle hair the right way. She thinned my hair out one week after I had paid $100 to have my haircut by the other curly cutter and there was a HUGE pile of hair on the floor. What was left on my head was a super cute, easy to do haircut and she knows the right way to thin, not using the dreaded thinning shears which only frizz out my curly hair. Joanne is amazing, I love her!!!!

Reviewed on 10.15.09

Stylist: Joanne

Got my 3b curly hair cut this week (July '09) by JOANNE from AG Lounge. This was my first cut by someone who actually "knows" curly hair. I told her of my horrid past haircuts by people who claim to know curly hair. Joanne did a fantastic job and I was completely satisfied. I highly recommend her; not to mention she's a super cool chick as well!

Reviewed on 07.04.09

Stylist: Joanne Kim

I found Joanne via this site when she was at the Jonathan Martin Salon in Irvine. A month after my appointment with her, I received a letter that she is now at AG Lounge for Hair. I'm sooooo glad I saw her while she was still at Jonathan Martin because that got me on her mailing list to get her letter that she had moved. I'm so thankful to have found her because of this site that I felt it was important to get her information updated here so others could find her. I came to her with a bad layered cut from another stylist and she FIXED IT. I could tell by the way she cut/sliced my hair that she knew what she was doing. I was having SO much trouble with my old cut and she came to my rescue. Can't wait to see her again.

Reviewed on 06.17.09