Soak Salon

1220 W. Gray
Houston, TX 77019

User Reviews

Stylist: Sean

Sean Bryan has been cutting my curly hair for years and I have never had anyone cut layers so well, I have thick wavy curly combination hair. He quit SOK to work on his own check out He's worth it!

Reviewed on 11.21.14

Stylist: Sean

Sean seemed nice enough, but I won't be returning because he didn't listen and I ended up with a hideous haircut. I only wanted a simple trim, and I showed him exactly where on my shoulders I wanted the length to be. I asked that my hair be cut dry (explaining that some parts are less curly, and it's not apparent when my hair is wet). He insisted that he couldn't cut it dry, and proceeded to shampoo my hair. The haircut didn't take long. Since I didn't want it blow-dried, some product was applied. I thought I'd at least get a few minutes under a hood dryer or a bit of diffusing, but I was sent away with it wet. After I got home and my hair was finally dry, I saw that it was ridiculously uneven at the bottom, flat on stop, and the longer sides flare out. I looked like a crazy person. And of course it was much shorter than I had asked for. Except for a few straggly pieces, it didn't even touch my shoulders. It looks awful no matter how I try to wear it. My hair grows very slowly; I've been waiting months for it to be long enough for a proper cut. I was charged $75 (which doesn't include the tip I stupidly shelled out). Never again.

Reviewed on 01.05.10

Stylist: Sean

I have had my hair cut at Cut Loose and Blue Mambo. I was okay with both, but my haircut grew out a little weird the last time I went to Jon at Cut Loose. So, I decided to look for a different stylist to cut my hair and went with Soak since they are close to my house and highly rated in Houston. Sean was great! Not necessarily versed in Curly Girl products, etc, but gave me a great cut, which is better than what I've had in the past at the "curly" salons. Another plus was that he wanted to know what kind of products I used and asked me to diffuse my hair myself! One of my biggest pet peeves with stylists is that they nearly always do a horrendous styling job if I have them diffuse my hair curly after a cut. Sean was interested in how I do my hair and it came out looking great! I got a fantastic curly bob and no triangle head! Go see him; cut is $65.

Reviewed on 07.04.09