Concepts Salon and Spa

Hudson's Bay Centre
20 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON M4W 3G7

User Reviews

Stylist: Anonymous

Margie at Concepts is fantastic with my 3C curls. She's been helping me grow my curls long after I got her to cut it short about 6 years ago. The retail store attached to the salon carries lots of good curl products (Deva Curl, etc.). My only beef with the salon is that they don't have a really deep understanding of the need to retain moisture for curls in particular.

Reviewed on 11.29.11

Stylist: Andre

Worst experience in a salon EVER, and a colleague who also has curly hair recommended this place. This hairdresser didn't even bother introducing himself or looking at my hair before it was washed, so he didn't see what it looked like down. I have been trying to grow my hair out for a year now, and he essentially ruined all of that hard work. I gave specific instructions to just TRIM, and he decided to do his own thing. This person was fake, pretentious, and was busy chatting with his colleagues, and occasionally decided to strike up a conversation with me. APPALLING, especially when the hair cuts cost more than $70. For that price, every client should leave the salon feeling special. Not at this place. The worst part about all of this is I called THREE times, left THREE messages and wrote to the owner and he couldn't be bothered to return my call. Rather, he had the stylist call, when I indicated in all of my messages that I did NOT want to speak to that man or have him touch one other hair on my head. I'm disgusted with this place, and would NOT recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed on 07.08.09