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Leola, PA 17540

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Stylist: Becky

I've been going to Becky at Destinations for quite a few years based on a recommendation by a curly friend. Even though I was straightening my hair when I started going to Becky she's always been great at listening to my hair problems and working with me to try to fix them. Now that I have gone CG she helps me with any issues related to curly hair and she knows the struggle of frizz and volume. She has always cut my hair when it's wet and it works well for me so if you prefer to have a dry cut this might not be the place for you. She always says that I can come back if I don't like the cut after getting home and styling it myself but that has never been an issue for me. Also, the salon is gorgeous and they treat everyone so well (complimentary gl**** of ****, thank you!).

Reviewed on 01.19.19