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Stylist: Barbie

BY FAR the best hair cutting experience I've ever had. I decided on a dramatic 9" length change (from below shoulder to chin-length) cut and Barbie was with me every step of the way. She really understands curly hair, and unlike another stylist I found recommended on this site, she isn't so full of her own knowledge that she won't listen to your insight. She has her favorite products, but she also seemed genuinely interested in what I use (another plus over the other). She is bright, funny, kind and has the prettiest curly hair I've seen in awhile. She is a true Curly Sister you can trust with your own locks!

Stylist: Barbie

Barbie is the best. My 3b curly hair has never looked so good. Barbie knows her craft. She is the "Curly Girl Specialist" not only is she a great person, talented and caring I promise your hair will be perfect!!! We need to clone Barbie....I just love her and this salon as well. The salon has a Zen feeling.....GREAT!!!! Rosie from Jacksonville Fl

Stylist: Barbie

Barbie is an excellent stylist who spends time getting to know the needs of her clients. I have been so pleased with her professionalism and her willingness to spend whatever time it takes to make her clients happy with her work.

Reviewed by Sydney on 7.18.09

Stylist: Barbie

Barbie is a wonderful stylist. My hair is curly and she has worked with me to manage my curl and color. She listens to my requests and always achieves exactly what I want. Naturally curly hair can be difficult, but Barbie, having natural curl herself, knows how to tame it. I will never switch stylist!

Reviewed by Judy on 7.18.09

Stylist: Barbie

Barbie is a stylist who really cares about her clients needs. She is willing to listen with compassion and understands the needs of curlys.

Reviewed by mike on 7.10.09