JL Cerutti Salon

1201 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

User Reviews

Stylist: Jennifer

I found Jennifer on Naturallycurly.com when I first moved to Sacramento and I am so glad I did! Jennifer is a wonderful stylist for those of us with curly hair! I have now been getting my curls cut at her salon for about 4-5 years and I'm embarrassed that it took me this long to write her a review. Jennifer's best attribute is that she listens to what her client wants! There have been times when I wanted to go long, go short, this next time we will be adding color. Jennifer listens to what look I hope to achieve and then makes it happen. She has the skill of understanding one's face shape and curl type before she cuts your hair as well. There have also been times where I didn't know what I wanted when I walked into her shop. In those instances we talk about what kind of look I might want today as well as my long term goals for how I want my curls to look 3 or 6 months from now. I also love that she is super flexible and will always accommodate those with a tough schedule! She is a fantastic stylist and I would recommend her to any curly girl. She's the best!!

Reviewed on 07.01.14

Stylist: Jennifer Cerutti

I've been going to Jennifer for 4-5 years now, and I really enjoy her cuts! I first went to her after getting an AWFUL cut from a stylist who was "SO excited" to play with my hair, and who proceeded to layer it so heavily I had to let it grow for months before the top layer was long enough to fix. Jennifer was one of the first places I went after spending 2 years in Africa, cutting my own curls.... :o! She really pays attention to what you want to do, and has been great at making sure my unruly hair works in with my lifestyle. She finally convinced me to try bangs this year, and they look fantastic--my five-head is finally gone, and it matches my face! Definitely gets what to do with curls to make them work. Give her a try!

Reviewed on 04.06.12

Stylist: Jennifer

This is NOT the salon for curlies. Jennifer has straight hair and so will you by the time you leave. Yes, she gives you books of models with gooped-up hair to study and gets you back in the chair to refine the cut, but by then my hair had dried straight. No regard for curl patterns, and she recommends products to tame curls. Nice woman, beautiful salon, but not the place for you if you don't hate your curls.

Reviewed on 07.06.10

Stylist: Jennifer

I adore Jennifer! I've gone to her twice now, after deciding to drastically shorten my 3b hair (which I've never done). She took extra time beforehand to discuss what I wanted with honesty and expertise. I've never had a stylist actually sit down with me and really listen! She cut my hair first wet, and then shaped it while it was dry. No razors in sight. Not only do I love my cut, but she also did an excellent job on my color, seamlessly transitioning my dyed black hair back to its natural blonde. Her cuts are definitely affordable, but any color will cost you. But, I consider it a very worthwhile investment. I truly love my curly hair now, thank you Jen!

Reviewed on 04.13.10

Stylist: Jennifer

Jennifer is awesome! I've never met anyone that can cut or color my hair better. She understands how hair grows and lays on your head- and cuts it so it flatters you! I never have bad hair days thanks to her great cuts. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great stylist and haircolorist.

Reviewed on 09.30.08

Stylist: Jennifer Cerutti

Jennifer Saved My Hair! - My first day in Sacramento, I went to a bargain salon to get a fresh haircut before starting the new job. The woman didn't know how to deal with my curls and practically shaved my head! It was tragic. Several months later, after my hair was starting to grow out.... I met Jennifer. She gave me a consultation and spelled out a short and long-term plan for what she saw as a vision for my hair. She works also with my vision of what I want to look like, as well as the shape of my face and the texture of my hair. She never makes drastic changes to the style, and it looks great left alone to be curly OR straightened out. My mom even complimented my look and said that it looked like a $300 cut! Jennifer Cerutti really understands how to deal with curly-headed gals who want their hair to look great naturally curly or ironed straight as a bone. Thanks, Jennifer!

Reviewed on 12.07.07

Stylist: Jennifer Cerutti

Jennifer has been cutting my curly hair for over 20 years. I have tried other stylists, but have ALWAYS had to have Jennifer fix it. Instead of paying for two haircuts, now I just bite the bullet and pay the little bit extra she charges. In the long run, her experience with curly hair is worth the price. And she's not afraid to try new and fun styles, always letting me kow what my hair can and cannot handle.

Reviewed on 11.15.07

Stylist: Jennifer

I met Jennifer Cerutti at a women's networking event in Sacramento. I struck up a conversation with Jennifer and complained about a recent experience I had with a horrible cut and color at a supposed "high end" salon. As a fellow curly girl and color specialist, Jennifer empathized with me. We chatted for about 1/2 hour and I decided to give Jennifer a try. September 13, 2007, after a thorough and comfortable discussion about my hair style, and hair care preferences, Jennifer performed nothing short of a miracle, she was able to repair my cut and restore softness and warmth to my hair with her color treatment. Jennifer gave me the best hair experience I have had in 36 years, I have never has so many compliments. Jennifer gave me back the ability to wear my hair down. I feel confident and feminine again. Jennifer is not a one hit wonder, I just went back for another cut 11/8/07. I had been asking stylists for "something different" for years but they were either to scared or too unskilled to give it to me. My trust in Jennifer allowed me to explore some new style options and I left feeling and looking and feeling like a younger woman. I also have to say that it is nice to be in a comfortable, quaint salon with a truly gifted and highly experienced professional. I have had it with those trendy, ultra modern, over priced, salons who say yes "I can do curly hair" just to make a buck. Jennifer is the real deal THANK YOU JENNIFER, you ROCK!!!

Reviewed on 11.11.07