Space 07

1421 R Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

User Reviews

Stylist: Erin O'hagain

Erin is actually at The Muse now, just right next door to Space07. The salon number is : 916-443-5780. Erin was so educated on curly hair and is actually the Director of Education at the school the salon partners with. She took the time to analyze my curls, ask me questions, and converse with me about what I wanted in my curl. She then dried my hair (I came in with shampooed and slightly wet hair) and then cut my curls dry, as they naturally lay- best idea. She did such a wonderful job and is so sweet and humble. I actually found out about her from the other review on here about her. I definitely recommend her to ANY curly haired person. She will NOT let you down!

Reviewed on 04.15.14

Stylist: Erin O'Hagain

I had the best experience and haircut from Erin at Space 07 She was a delight and was so knowledgable about curly hair! I feel my long wait for a hairstylist is now over!!!   She first had me sit down and she analyzed my hair and suggested what I should do (mainly because I was open to anything) Then she shampooed my hair and trimmed the length I desired.. after she let my hair air dry just as I would at home so she could see how it falls and after she free hand cut layers accordingly to my curls.. I'm soo pleased with the results! I recommended her to any curly hair lady!!! 

Reviewed on 03.27.12

Stylist: Heather

I don't think Heather is at Space 07 anymore, but it doesn't matter to me. She gave me the worst curly cut ever. I left looking like a frizzy poodle, exactly what I told her I didn't want. While she is very nice, I would not say she is knowledgeable about curly hair. I had read all the great reviews and was incredibly disappointed.

Reviewed on 02.15.10

Stylist: Heather Anderson

Heather does not understand curly hair. She used thinning scissors and razor cut my hair. That's a big no no for curly hair. I was left with total frizz and it took months to grow out the horrid cut. I would caution anyone who is thinking of going to her.

Reviewed on 11.05.08

Stylist: Heather Anderson

I searched for Heather Anderson for a long time (WARNING: do not confuse her with Heather Reynolds at Arimosa) because of all the great reviews on this website. I found her and was generally pleased because she is very nice and patient. But I have to say that she is NOT the best curly stylist out there. She admits that she is self-taught when it comes to cutting curly hair -- a curly haired client lead her through the process years ago. Without professional training, that explains a lot. She doesn't comb the hair, the ends are all left very uneven, and I come out of there with frizz. It's not a bad price ($60) and it is still one of the best Sacramento options, but I'm going to continue the search for someone who is better trained.

Reviewed on 08.22.08

Stylist: Heather Anderson

Hi! I was finally able to meet Miss Heather after reading all of her reviews. Being so famous :) among us curly heads, she was very sweet, down to earth, as well as very pretty! After meeting her and talking her ear off for the better part of the shampoo/cut/dry, I am certain that anything not positive about Heather that's been posted on this site was simply untrue. Those patrons must have just had a bad day. Don't pay attention to them. After all, there are always going to be some bad apples in the bunch. She thoroughly listened to everything I had to say and did exactly what I had asked of her.Even my destroyed frizzy mane turned into some very soft, head-turning waves. She is very delicate with the hair. I asked a lot of questions, and she gave me a lot of information back. (If I hadn't interrupted her so many times, I would have learned even more! Thanks to Heather, I've already booked another appointment with her and I no longer have to worry about finding a stylist in Sacramento. She also introduced some great new products on me, which I bought a few and will be back for more.Now I finally know what that saying means... I felt like I just stepped out of a salon. I finally found you Heather!!!

Reviewed on 06.29.08

Stylist: Heather Anderson

I just moved to Sac, and have been really struggling with finding a place to get my hair cut. After a lot of inter turmoil, from all the good and bad reviews online, I decided to try out Heather. I am so glad that I did! She listened to everything I had to say and gave me the absolute best haircut ever!!! She took her time and actually styled it curly!!!! Everyone always tries to straighten my hair!! I left the salon feeling like a million bucks!!! So if you are in the market for a new stylist, I would definitely recommend Heather. She does a fantastic job!!!

Reviewed on 06.18.08

Stylist: Heather Anderson

I received a hair cut today from Heather, and I must say, I am *thoroughly* dissapointed. I read amazing reviews, about how well she handles and cuts curly hair, about how she listens to the customers and *none* of those things were true. Heather kept tugging and pulling at my hair both when she was washing it, as well as styling it, which was not only uncomfortable, but very clearly messed up any natural curl. When styling individual curls, she very clearly twisted the curl opposite to its natural direction. I told her from the get go I wanted a simple trim with layers and I wanted her to preserve the lenght as much as possible. The result: she diminished any existing layers I had by cutting out the longer pieces of hair in the back, thus severely decreasing the length as well as the layering - the exact opposite of what I had requested. In addition, I did not feel she had any particular interest in my styling needs nor my experience. Absolutely attrocious for any hair styleing job, especially one for $60. I would certaninly *not* go back nor recommend Heather. She neither has any understanding of curly hair nor apparently any interest in her customers.

Reviewed on 06.03.08

Stylist: Heather Anderson

So after losing track of Heather for a hot minute, and mistakenly getting shafted by her old salon (Arimosa! Boo!) I have finally found my girl again! Ah life is once again sweet!! She has fixed the horrible botch job given to me by her replacement at the old salon, and managed to make me look like my old self! I love Heather to pieces and her new salon is one million times better than the old one! She is a definite must try. She cuts dry, when appropriate, so you really get a cut that suits you and you alone!! We all want to be special right!!?!?!

Reviewed on 04.10.08

Stylist: Heather Anderson

I found Heather on this web site and thought, why not? I had to drive 45 minutes for this appointment, but after meeting the "Hair Whisperer", I'd drive even further if necessary to have my hair cut by Heather. Very pleased, and would recommend her!

Reviewed on 08.18.07

Stylist: Heather Anderson

She's still the best curl cutter I know of, and, yes, she's still a sweetie!

Reviewed on 07.11.07