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User Reviews

Stylist: Mary

I have extremely fine curly hair. If it's cut incorrectly then it lays flat on my head or brings out the width of my face (pear - round shaped face). Let's not even begin with how many bad "Christmas Tree" hair cuts I have dealt with. Mary was INCREDIBLE! Totally understands the complexity and diverse nature of curls. My hair had not been cut in about two months and it was sooo heavy and blah looking. My hair was shoulder length. I was looking for a change so I brought a few pictures of short curly hair (think cari mulligan meets marilyn monroe). Mary totally got it. To be safe we started with a bob and it looked good but it wasn't edgy enough. So she cut more! It was like out of a movie hair flying, cutting, shearing, toussling - and it turned out great! Possibly the best cut I have ever had! I received a ton of complements and just love it. I will definitely be back in six weeks to keep up the look. The salon staff was friendly and welcoming. The facilities were nice and airy - the wash room was lovely. I would recommend Mary to anyone especially my curly hair beauties!

Reviewed on 01.30.13

Stylist: Mary

I had the pleasure of watching Mary on stage during Paul Mitchell's Gathering during four Curl Classes she was doing to introduce the new curl line. From the beginning, it was obvious she new curls - from the combo of wet and dry cutting she did - depending on the texture - to her styling ability (she twirled the hair in sections) to her ability to take a girl with long curls into a short curly bob. I especially loved her technique that she called "hand-picked highlights." So when I was in San Diego, I wanted to get the Mary treatment. She took my brassy hair, which was in need of major color help, and gave it a rich all-over color with auburn hand-picked highlights. It looks so dramatically better. Coloring curls is a true talent, and Mary's got it.

Reviewed on 08.18.12

Stylist: Brooke

I've been trying for several years to get a stylist to layer my thick, curly hair right. For probably five years before I found Brooke the different stylists I went to kept giving me the bi-level layers. I had a thick layer on top and thin pieces hanging from underneath. I kept asking them to fix and and they couldn't do it. Then I saw a woman when I was out shopping who had curly hair with layering that looked almost like she had all one length. I got Brooke's card from her and have been getting excellent cuts from Brooke ever since. She also does color for me and does very well on that too. Brooke listens to what you want and then tries to make sure you are sure...then does it. My hair has also grown longer since I've been with her. My former stylist kept cutting more off the bottom than I wanted; I'd ask for a half inch to an inch and get two inches off. In addition to being an excellent stylist, Brooke is very sweet!

Reviewed on 10.28.07

Stylist: Denise

I made an appointment and told the receptionist that I have curly hair and wanted a consultation so she booked me with Denise. OH WOW I LOOOVEE my hair I have never been able to wear it all down and now I can. She fixed a previous hair cut (butcher job) I received from a different salon and textured my hair to help thin it out, I absolutely love it. I have never received so many complements on my hair even the next day I completely recommend her.

Reviewed on 07.09.07

Stylist: Denise

I have never gotten a haircut from Denise, but I went to her for my color and LOVED IT! I felt like I was trying to get this color job for over six years and I finally got it. I have really curly corkscrew curls. I'm muliracial, black, white and native american. I wanted color kind of like Beyonce's with warm brown tones and blonde highlights that were dispersed well throughout my hair...not chuncky highlights. She made my haircolor dream finally come true. If you are looking for this look, I know she can do it.

Reviewed on 09.19.06