Regis Hairstylists - Oxmoor Mall

7900 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40222

User Reviews

Stylist: B.J.

I was visiting from out of state and wanted to find a curly girl approved stylist and came across B.J.'s reviews online. He listened to what I wanted and had a good understanding of my wavy type 2B hair. I already had a good layered cut and just needed the ends trimmed mostly. He did a good job. Only complaint was the frame work around my face needed a little more work, but other than that it was a good cut.

Reviewed on 10.29.12

Stylist: Re-Re

This is a nice salon but you can receive "hit or miss" results. I am very resistant to allowing any stylist perform any high risk treatment on my hair (cutting, coloring, straightening)before they have proven their chops as a stylist. However my daughter on her quest for straight-er hair armed only with the blowdryer had managed to fry her ends in only a couple of weeks. I normally trim her hair myself but she needed professional help. I took her in as a walk in out of dispair and talked with stylist Re-Re first about my expectations and her expertise. She answered all of my questions and was knowledgeable. She cut off the fried ends and reiterated healthy heat styling habits to my teen. It was a great experience and the price was fair. However when I returned a couple months later the stylist was no longer working their and another stylist admitted to me that they had a high turnover rate. After watching the stylist I was talking to flat-iron her clients hair on a heat that was way to high I opted not to have my daughter's hair done and have not been back for style since.

Reviewed on 07.12.10

Stylist: B.J.

I was visiting my sister and decided to get a haircut where she gets hers done because I live in a small town and we have no curly stylists around! I was SOOO pleased with the cut. I have 3a hair and before I got it cut it was half way down my back, and I had always kept it that way because I have a hard time letting anyone cut it, simply because most people don't know what they're doing when it comes to curly hair! I went in and B.J. asked me what I wanted and we talked about it a lot before we got started. He said he has curly hair himself (when it is longer) and every time I made a reference to the triangle or the afro he knew exactly what I was talking about and agreed that we would steer completely clear from that. My hair is now above my shoulders, it is not flat on the top and curly on the bottom (triangle- what i was SO afraid of with going short) but at the same time it's not round, its GREAT!!! The only downside is that I live four hours from Louisville! I will definitely be making an appointment every time I go to visit! Overall, I had a great experience, the best curly cut I've ever had! B.J. was funny, polite, personable and very understanding. He took the time to discuss what I wanted and actually followed through. Go see him if you are in the area and have curly hair!!!

Reviewed on 08.04.09