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Doylestown, PA 19119

User Reviews

Stylist: Valarie Vasaturo

I have lived in PA for 9 years and have yet to find a stylist who could cut my curly hair right. I searched online for curly hair stylists in the area and came upon this site with two rave reviews for Valarie at Ciao Bella. I made an appointment with her for a haircut and I couldn't be happier. I have been letting my hair grow and the longer it got the less my curls were defined. She did such a fantastic job on my hair, I still have my length, but my curls are back! Being a single mom, I hardly have time to spend on my hair, but the cut is perfect! I put a little bit of product in when it’s wet and off I go. My haircut frames my face, gives me a little bit of height on top instead of it being weighed down by the length, and my curls lay well defined and not frizzy. Finally, I have found a stylist and will look no further. I truly recommend Valarie and thank her for such an amazing haircut.

Reviewed on 11.04.09

Stylist: Valarie Vasaturo

Valarie is an absolute curl genius. In 36 years, I've never had a better haircut for my frizzy, kinky, unruly mess. She does amazing work, and I really didn't even have to explain to her what I needed, she just did an awesome job. Now, my hair is no longer a frizzy mess, but beautiful curls! I would recommend her to anyone, I would drive for miles and miles to go to her; you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed on 08.13.09

Stylist: Valerie Vasaturo

Val is an expert in cutting and styling wavy, curly, mixed textured hair. I had a haircut previously by Quidad, and found Val's techniques and outcome to be superior. She can handle short, mid-length, and long hair. She listens and will take you to the edge of a risk in the direction you are headed when considering a change. I have never been disappointed. On occasion, I have grown tired of a high style hair cut and Val has the patience and acceptance to assist in the growing out phase. During this time, she manages to keep my hair still looking great. The salon carries an awesome product line, "Hair Rules" which has been great for my kind of hair. Apparently Ciao Bella is the only salon in Pennsylvania to carry "Hair Rules". Call 267.880.6546 for an appointment with Val. Check out her website at Enjoy, Dale

Reviewed on 08.05.09