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Chicago, IL 60622

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Stylist: keith

The BEST haircut I've ever had!! No kidding. I had an awesome stylist in Texas, where I'm from, and never thought it would be so hard to find another stylist who could cut curls. After so many awful haircuts, I finally started cutting my own hair and wouldn't let anyone touch it... until I met Keith. He knows curls and how unpredictable they can be. He takes the time to learn what the hair is going to do- mine has the texture of straight hair when it's wet, but can turn into a total 'fro as it dries. Needless to say, Keith tamed my wild curls with a sweet, and oh so flattering cut. I love my new 'do so much that I have a stack of his cards and give one to every curly haired person I meet!

Reviewed on 08.08.09