Corporate Cuts

3838 Camino Del Rio North #141
San Diego, CA 92108

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Stylist: Denis Garrahan

I have been hesitant to provide negative feedback on this particular stylist because it would seem, ironically, that he would actually prefer it. Confusing isn't it? Well, here is artistic arrogance, my friends, rearing it's ugly head. That is Denis. I only spoke to him over the phone once because that is all this he thought I was worth, that is, once he discovered that my referring source was this site. He explained that "some of the girls who had come to him from this site had highly processed or difficult hair (tight curls) that he could do nothing with" and that "he really wished his name had never been submitted because now he was getting calls all the time that he had to turn down" . . . because we, the people that read and use the information on the site, are somehow lowbrow in a hair sense for him. This is outrageously unprofessional, my friends, not to mention strangely discriminatory. I think the undertone, as I heard it that day, was also moving toward racist. Needless to say, this man does not deserve our business or any, for that matter. Perhaps we should call him just to tell him that.

Reviewed on 12.17.06

Stylist: Denis Garrahan

He is wonderful. A curly friend recommended him and I am eternally grateful. I have about five different kinds of curl in my hair and have not found one who knows how to cut it since I moved to San Diego. First of all Denis spent almost two hours with me. He spent a half hour playing with my hair before he even shampooed me. He asked what I liked about my hair and how I wore it. He told me what he thought others had done, and what he would like to do. He cut my hair small section by small section by combing in from the back to the front explaining that it will fall naturally that way. He has been cutting hair for 26 years and has curly hair himself. If you are feeling like no one can cut your hair go to Denis. You will love him.

Reviewed on 02.04.06