Hair Hair Salon and Spa

440 S Park Ave
Helena, MT 59601

User Reviews

Stylist: Joe Hrella

After finally visiting the shop portion of the salon with a friend who likes AVEDA products, I was very impressed with the overall atmosphere and asked about their curly hair stylists. The staff readily listed several people trained to do this and though I am not particularly interested in AVEDA products I enjoyed my experience here. The haircut/style/shape was really fun, cute, and versatile without losing the length I am working to maintain. I appreciated the stylist took only as much hair as was necessary to achieve the look he wanted while keeping my everyday needs in mind too. This is definitely the upscale AVEDA salon in Helena, but the staff is very friendly and I felt welcome. (My second appointment is already booked!) I still love Dara at Pure Hair Spa, but this was also on my short list to try and I am glad I did!

Reviewed on 08.13.09