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Stylist: Kirk

Prior to finding Kirk, I had never gone to anyone that knew what to do with curly hair.... As I am sure many of you have experienced. I started going to Kirk 3 years ago and he is the absolute BEST! When I first started going to him I had major hair issues. I had been going through some personal things and my hair was falling out drastically. There were times I'd get out of the shower, put my hands through my hair and have gobs of hair in my hands. I freaked out. The first few times he cut my hair, he just trimmed it and he always had numerous recommendations on products that would help with the thinning/fall out. Once my hair started filling back in I decided I wanted to go short. I had wanted a short haircut for a long time but never trusted a hair stylist enough to just go for it. I went in to my appointment with Kirk with a few general/idea pictures and explained to him what I wanted. AND let me just tell you … I have never felt so on the same page as someone in my life. He knew exactly what I wanted! I was nervous to cut my hair, but his excitement and confidence was the reassurance that I needed to know I was making the right decision. My cut is an A-symmetrical bob, its pretty edgy. Most would think that it’s a lot of upkeep, but it’s SO manageable! The cut he gave me is so easy to work with and style. It does all the work for me. Kirk knows everything you need to know about curly hair, he knows how curls work, how to structure your cut, how to style it, all the best products, etc. He is brilliant. He is willing to try new things and has the knowledge and understanding of curls to be able to pull it off. He is passionate about what he does and he absolutely loves curly hair, so he makes you love your hair that much more. I can be having the worst day, go into a hair appointment with Kirk, and leave feeling like gold :) His cut, literally changed my life. I know that sounds cheesy, but its true. I currently have the same A-symmetrical bob, but added bangs a few months back. I swear to you, I cannot leave the house without getting compliments on my hair. People have stopped me on the street, in grocery stores, restaurants, malls, bars, the beach, etc. just to compliment me on my curls. I seriously owe it ALL to him! Make an appointment with Kirk because everyone with curly hair deserves to feel as confident in their curls as I do!!!

Reviewed on 09.19.12

Stylist: Kirk

This was my first time at this salon, and Kirk was GREAT. He gave me a great cut and did not push me to do more to my hair. I will go here again when I need another cut. If you have curly hair, see Kirk he does a very good job.

Reviewed on 01.17.09

Stylist: Kirk

Kirk is magic with curly hair, and instructive with the Devacurl product line. He is by far the most curl educated and customer-oriented stylist I have ever been to, and he gives wonderful, stylish cuts.

Reviewed on 02.14.07