La Peluqueria Hair Salon

1600 Shattuck Ave.
suite 108
Berkeley, CA 94709

User Reviews

Stylist: Patricia Lewis

I've been going to Patricia for the past two years, and I can't recommend her enough - she's worked absolute miracles with my curls, and I always receive compliments on the cut. She's incredible with highlights as well. During my cuts/highlights, Patricia is always cheerful and personable - I definitely look forward to all of my appointments! If you're looking for a curly stylist in Berkeley, Patricia's the one.

Reviewed on 04.03.14

Stylist: Patricia Lewis

I guess she could possibly be a good curly hair stylist if you don't follow CG. I made an appointment with her over the phone. She was extremely rude and rushed me off the phone. I drove 40 minutes away in rush hour to get to her small little shop in Berkeley. She was just as rude in person. I was immediately put off by her. Then she sat me down and started running her fingers threw my DRY hair. DRY!!!! I could feel my hair breaking. It was horrifying. Then, I asked if she cuts hair dry or wet. She said she cuts hair while wet. I then explained that I follow CG and I've learned that curly hair should never be cut wet. She defensively stated that she "teaches Deva cuts" and she would only cut my hair dry if it were short. But, since my hair is long, she wouldn't EVER cut it dry. I should've asked to see her Deva certification in that moment because she could not have been telling the truth. Am i mistaken, or would Deva EVER tell ANYONE that cutting curls wet is EVER okay??? No. She was obviously not being truthful. I immediately left. Big waste of time and gas. If you truly care about your curls' health, I don't recommend getting your haircut at La Peluqueria by Patricia Lewis. I just saved myself from getting one of the worst haircuts of my life.

Reviewed on 02.14.14

Stylist: Patricia Lewis

I have gone YEARS without cutting my curly, wild hair. Then I met Patricia. She is a magician! She is a healer! I have not known what to do with my hair that speaks to me and allows my hair to be healthy. Patricia listens to what I do and offers her wisdom and skill. Why go anywhere else?

Reviewed on 07.18.13

Stylist: Patricia Lewis

Thank God for Patricia or my curls would still be a mess. She is a curly haired stylist who understands everything about curls. I won't let anyone else cut my hair. She took my misshaped mop of a "curly afro" and transformed it to a lively, hydrated and bountiful head of curls.Thank you Patricia!

Reviewed on 07.09.13

Stylist: Patricia Lewis

Patricia just gave me an excellent haircut. She truly understands curly hair, and takes the time to listen, review examples, and make sure you're getting the style you want and what looks best for you. My husband said this is the best he's ever seen my hair look. Thank you Patricia!

Reviewed on 03.30.13

Stylist: Patricia Lewis

I love, love, love my haircuts (and colors) with Patricia. I drive over an hour to see her, but she is simply the best.

Reviewed on 09.08.09

Stylist: Patricia Lewis

Patricia has worked miracles with my thinning hair. I asked a woman with a fantastic haircut who her stylist was and that's how I found Patricia. She does the best color, best cut and is the most agreeable of anyone I have ever been to. She is cheerful, energetic, accommodating and very skilled at what she does.I leave there feeling like a new person.

Reviewed on 08.28.09

Stylist: Patricia Lewis

She loves curls.

Reviewed on 08.25.09