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Stylist: Anh Duong

Anh introduced herself to one of my friends with curly hair in a lounge one evening. She complimented her lovely locks and told her she did hair and having lived with straight hair all of her life, her favorite texture to work with was... curly! My pal then referred me, 3b always desperate for someone who can get along with my curls. So I figured why not. I had reservations knowing she was asain with the traditional perfect straight hair. Would she know how to work with super curly hair? She did! She helped me transition from my chemical loose rod perm that loosened my hair but was horrible, to my natural 3b texture. She is so awesome, loves curls does not say "so ever think about relaxing" like so many of my previous stylists. She wanted me to go back to my natural hair. I love her! And she knows how to measure! Always cuts off exactly how much I tell her.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  1.31.06