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Stylist: Tamara

The reason Genesis has so many reviews is that Tamara Mooney was here for awhile. She moved to Tasha's Salon, not too far on West Lewis. Go see her there!

Reviewed on 10.05.09

Stylist: Tamara

Tamara is at a different Salon now, across the street from Salon Bella where I first went to her. This time, Tamara did a great job with my hair. She really listened to me and did exactly what I asked. I am letting my hair grow out, so just wanted some minor shape adjustments and also, some interior cutting. She did just the right amount to make my curls come out as I like them - large ringlets. The new salon is not as nice as Salon Bella, but actually, for a good haircut, I don't mind whichever salon it is in, and this was a really good haircut.

Reviewed on 10.13.08

Stylist: Tamara Mooney

Tamara has been coloring my hair and keeping it in great shape for a few years now. I have found her to be very knowledgeable and accommodating. She really cares about the way my hair looks and feels. She has given me some great hair tips, too. It is true that she has moved around a bit, but who cares. She has her reasons. I really trust her expertize. Everyone is entitled to an off day and in my experience, Tamara will go the extra mile to make things right. She is a great hair person!

Reviewed on 07.09.08

Stylist: Tamara Mooney

After reading these reviews I just had to put my two cents in too. I have been going to Tamara for about 3 years. I tried her from the raves on this website. She's a great stylist, but I have to agree that she is hit or miss. She usually does a great job, but I have had a few times where things weren't so great. When I first went to her, I couldn't believe how amazing it was to have a stylist that understood my crazy curly hair. After a while I noticed the inconsistencies. Unfortunately, I have a hard time with the prices. They are quite high and seem to be getting higher. I too got the email saying her prices had dropped, but I didn't see a difference. Recently I received an email saying she changed salons - AGAIN - this is the third salon in three years. I checked out the prices and they are still just as high or higher. I guess I'm skeptical now that she's changed salons yet again. I had hoped maybe her prices would go down with the switch, but they didn't.

Reviewed on 04.10.08

Stylist: Tamara Mooney

I know that Tamara already have many compliments, but I have to say that she really knows about any type of hair. She rescued my hair and today she did my mother's hair. Unbilievable. I would recommend her to everyone I know. Thank you Tamara.

Reviewed on 12.13.07

Stylist: Tamara Mooney

Hi Ladies, I've been having my haircut with Tamara for the last two years and also noticed the price hikes however in the last month I got a notice that her prices were being reduced. Just thought I would let her former clients know she has dropped them (by how much I'm not sure). I haven't had the negative experinces some of the ladies have had-- though I have had the positive ones-- great cut, great color- just a bit too pricey for me. Hopefully this new drop in prices will make my appointments less of a burden on the pocketbook. Also I don't know what the person talking about silicones is referring too. The product line she has me using has NO silicones or cones of any sort. I buy it straight form the company's website (way less pricey- sorry Tamara) and they make a big deal of explaing there are no cones in their prodicts. Some of the straightening products do have cones but when your hair is straight cones are allowed as long as you wash them out before wearing it curly. I have to say that this particular line is the absolute best I have ever used on my hair. I am utterly amazed at the differnece in my hair. I always used salon quality prodicts like Joico or Fredrick Fekkai and they were fine but Curly Hair solutions (curl keeper- the straightener and the shampoo & conditioner) have been a godsend. I wonder which line she was selling that had silicones in it-- maybe it was before she started repping Curly Hair Solutions (CHS). Anyhow if you loved her other than the prices maybe it's time to give her another shot.

Reviewed on 12.03.07

Stylist: Tamara

I have received my best cut ever from Tamara (in the past) but lately, she has been distracted or something, and the haircuts are very inconsistent, and not as good. Also her prices have gone up dramatically.

Reviewed on 05.02.07

Stylist: Tamara Mooney

I would like to second the opinion expressed by one of the other contributors regarding Tamara Mooney of Genesis Salon as her negative experience is much the same as mine. Every time I arrived for my appointment there was a "mix-up" in scheduling with double bookings, Tamara missing in action, called in sick or late. I too experienced unexplained and hefty price hikes. Worse, as time went on the hair cuts became increasingly inconsistent in quality. This stylist was often distracted and seemed to be "somewhere else". Perhaps her expertise in working with curly hair is fine for some, but I found that her use of a razor and heavy reliance on silicone products resulted in my hair being thinner than necessary with too many flyaways and unable to retain an attractive shape, all new experiences for me. When asked about whether the products she was using/promoting contained silicone she assured me that they did not. Her associate rolled her eyes and this was my cue to check the labels and indeed silicones were listed. I expect more from a stylist, i.e. great cuts and product knowledge. . I know that a good stylist is very hard to find and we all (curlies) dread having to go on another search for someone to simply cut our hair competently, thus we put up with far too much in the way of poor performance by stylists.

Reviewed on 03.15.07

Stylist: Tamara

After moving to San Diego from Orange County, I was terrified of leaving my long-time curly cutter. Thanks to this site, I found Tamara and now have the best haircut of my life! Although she is a bit pricey, I love the completely new look I have now after years with the same style! I find her to be refreshingly non-snooty, and she seems to really care about how I look and how I can achieve the same look at home. I could not recommend anyone more highly.

Reviewed on 01.28.07

Stylist: Tamara Mooney

This review may come as a surprise to most, especially based upon hype that this stylist has had on this site. But I say to you in all honesty that I have long been growing disappointed with Tamara, and I've wanted to express that openly here in this forum to give a little balance to the overall picture. Tamara has talent for cutting hair, but has never been consistent in her professionalism nor with the artistic result. She has been kind and apologetic in most cases, but still I feel her erratic price increases show an inherent disrespect for her clients, especially as they are never announced and seem to occur with a frequency of every appointment (she is now charging almost double the standard 60, 80, 100 for all over color, partial highlight, and full highlight). Communication with her has been challenging and difficult and, because of that, I have had more than one bad cut and, recently, a bad color. She's a woman going at 100+ mph, always terrifically enthusiastic, but also always seemingly very ungrounded, detached from the moment of her work, and unpredictable as an artist. This all comes out in the cut.

Reviewed on 12.17.06

Stylist: Tamara

All my life I have hated getting a haircut. I've feared each and every cut and stylist... until now. I read about Tamara on this site and decided to give her a try. She scheduled me for 2 hours just for a cut. She wanted to make sure she had enought time with me, since this was my first time with her. She immediately made me feel comfortable. We talked about my hair, what I like, don't like, etc. She took many things in consideration before washing my hair. She explained everything she was going to do and I actually first excited about getting the cut. She ended up spending about 2 1/2 hours with me. Cut my hair while wet and then dried it to finish. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY HAIR!!! For the first time in my life I didn't feel like crying after a cut. Tamara really knows what she's doing and knows how to work with curly hair. I'll definitely go back to see her again.

Reviewed on 08.18.06

Stylist: Brittany

I was reccemended to Brittany by one of my curly hair friends. She first gave my a great consultation where we discussed how I take care of my hair at home as well as what I wanted to change/keep about my hair. We talked about ways to manage frizz, styling tips, and we also discussed color techniques that would look best with my features and skin tone. She didn't just butcher my hair and she styled it curly so I knew exactly what I was getting when I left the salon. She knows exactly how to work with my hair and has made morning routine go smoothly since. I hae found a wonderful new stylist to help me manage my curly locks.

Reviewed on 03.03.06

Stylist: Tamara Mooney

Yes, this is the same Tamara whose praises are sung here in number. She has moved to a nice new but is still in the same neighborhood of Mission Hills. I found Tamara through a very curly haired friend who insisted I at least go talk with Tamara. I did and received a consultation and cut like I've never had! Tamara really understands curly hair, facial features and what is needed to create a great look specifically for each person. There is so much I would love to share but this website keeps cutting out on me and erasing what I am writing. Feel free to contact me for more info. Just reference curly hair in the byline so I don't erase. I am so thrilled I finally have a style and one that is easy to care for.

Reviewed on 01.26.06