141 Will Dodge Way
Ashland, OR 97520

User Reviews

Stylist: Ieva

It was my first curly cut, so I'm not sure if my experience is normal. I have hair that can range between 2A and 2C depending on how it's handled. Didn't know consultations before cuts were a thing, so I didn't have a consultation beforehand. Since I'd never had a curly cut, I figured I'd probably get the most out of it if I just trusted her judgement, which is what I told her, so any dissatisfaction is also largely my fault for not asking for specific things. Her rushed manner made me feel like a product on a manufacturing line. Not sure if it's normal, but she just left some Deva One Condition in my hair-- no gels, mousses, or creams. She scrunched the crunch so roughly I ended up with dry-looking, amorphous, frizzy straw that had no semblance of curl except the willful little flips at the ends. I wasn't at all impressed by the styling or the way they handle clients, but the cut was good. I do think I got similar results from my previous stylist who doesn't cater specifically to curls, so I may go back to her. If I bother with Renu again, I will schedule a consultation first. 

Reviewed on 10.14.16

Stylist: Anonymous

As a 2b-2c curly girl I was never really aware that my waves had the potential to become soft loose ringlets.... Until going to see Shannon!!! Not only did she shape and color my hair beautifully but she actually took the time to listen and to understand what my curls "temperament" was and the problems that I was facing with them as well. So any curly girl out there who is looking for a devachan certified hair dresser who knows how to properly care for curls... Shannon is your lady :)

Reviewed on 08.17.12

Stylist: Shannon Christopher

I was lost, how do you get your curls chopped by some one without curls of their own? I started looking at local newspaper & magazine advertisements, trying to find the perfect stylist with curly hair. I found her. Shannon with long, dark curls and great tattoos; she was awesome. I cant stop singing her praises to every curly haired woman I know, she is the best!

Reviewed on 09.01.09