Lora Johnson

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

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Stylist: Lora Johnson

Found reviews on Lora here from 2012 and 2013 and decided to look her up on yelp and google to see if she was still cutting hair. Well, she is!!! Lora is cutting hair in Glendale and Rancho Cucomonga, and the listed phone number is still correct! Lora made time for me and did a fantastic job removing my damage and bringing back my natural 2c/3a curl pattern! She does a dry cut first and then cleans up the shape post wash and dry. Most importantly for me, she really takes time to analyze your face, hair type, and what you want to figure out what will work for you. If what you THINK you want won't be flattering, she will let you know! She does an entire consultation through photos and a phone call before she even meets you in person for the cut to really start working out what you want and what cut will be successful. I highly recommend Lora. I had been afraid to go short even though I knew I needed to chop the damage. Now, I wish I'd gone sooner! And might got back and go even shorter!

Reviewed on 01.18.19

Stylist: Lora Johnson

Hi All, Just wanted to let you know that Lora is now at http://www.salondemure.com still in LaVerne. Call her direct line for more info. I've been going to Lora for about three years now. I am always happy with my cut, but it seems that Lora has been reborn as a stylist since she has moved to Demure. I got a wonderful cut and beautiful color today. She is worth the trip and the price. :) Mary Beth

Reviewed on 12.15.12

Stylist: Lora Johnson

I had my hair cut by Lora a couple of days ago, and it was literally the best haircut of my life. I've been put through the wringer with my thin but extremely voluminous curls, from inexperienced stylists who cut my hair wet to alleged "curl experts" in Beverly Hills who cut my hair unevenly, pushed their products relentlessly, and charged well upwards of $200. Lora was very professional, down to earth, and warm. She put me at ease, as I was very nervous about getting my hair cut (it had been over a year and a half due to trauma from my last experience). She took the time to explain to me what was wrong with my current cut and what she wanted to do to it based on my curl type and the shape of my face. I also let her know that I was looking for something a bit less safe than my original cut and we brainstormed to get my hair to where I wanted it. Overall, the experience was better than I had hoped, I love my hair and feel confident, and I have already received compliments from complete strangers, one telling me that I look like a movie star. I uploaded a picture of the cut as my profile photo, as there is no option to add one here. Thank you, Lora, for giving me my lion's mane!

Reviewed on 07.01.12

Stylist: Lora Johnson

I have been going to Lora for 6 years, and wouldn't trust anyone else with my cut and color. I have REALLY thick, long, wavy, dark hair; and never really knew how great it could be til Lora. In the past I have asked stylists for light brown/blonde highlights, and my dark brown hair has ended up with orange/red highlights. Lora does a perfect combination of honey and golden highlights, that never turns red or orange! And the cut is always perfect! My hair can get really POOFY, and she creates the perfect shape so that I get manageable, sexy hair that is still thick- but in a good way. I knew Lora was the best when my husbands Grandmother wouldn't stop talking about what a beautiful hair cut I had. On top of her skills as a stylist Lora is a kind, warm and loving person. And over the past 6 years not only has she given me great hair, but she has become a good friend. I always look forward to seeing her every few months.

Reviewed on 11.02.11