Your Natural Image Natural Hair Care Salon

645 East 59th Street
Kansas City, MO 64110

User Reviews

Stylist: Monique

Very poor customer service. In the beginning I told the hairstylist I live 2 hours away. There was a chance for inclement weather and the beautician did not see the need to call me and let me know that shop would be closed. So I wasted time coming down, a hotel room for coming the night before to beat the potential weather for nothing. I would never imagine that if you are going to close your shop that you would not call your clients and let them know. How hard is that?! On top of that, the last time I went Monique half washed my starter locs and retwisted my locs with dandruff everywhere. I had to sit in the car and pick visibly noticeable dandruff out of my hair. Which was a task due to whatever sticky junk she put in my hair. One top of that I left a message on the phone and sent a message through messenger which they have not bothered to return. SIMPLY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! They should be ashamed of themselves and I am highly disappointed. So if you want to be treated like a number then Your Natural Image is the place to go. However, there are to many other salons in the area to bother with this one. Save yourself the trouble and go with one of them instead. You had one job!!!!

Reviewed on 01.22.20


I tried to give this salon a chance, but I was not impressed both times I went. I left the salon feeling like I could have done better at home (and I suck at doing hair). That is not the feeling you want to have leaving a salon. If you are paying someone to do you hair you should leave the salon looking and feeling fabulous.On a separate occasion they tried to dye my friend's hair, it was a complete disaster. What was supposed to be ombre just looked like a bright orange cotton ball. I was sad for her because I know how frustrating it is when you leave the salon with a style you weren't expecting. She had to go to another salon to fix her hair and eventually she had to cut her precious length because of the damage.We are both from out of town, so we didn't know any better. Coming from DC I expected much better, unfortunately this is what they have to offer out here. Think twice before you book an appointment here. Learn for our experience don't waste your time or money!

Reviewed on 08.23.17

Stylist: Lashawn

The only stylist in the area that knows how to deal with my curls. Her goal is to care for natural, textured hair in a way that makes it healthy and flourish. My hair care journey went up a notch when i met her. But I will say the very best thing about her is that she gives you detailed and beneficial information on how to care for your hair. I never received that kind of treatment before now. Before it was "just keep it moisturized" but with what?! or "get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks" when i'm trying to obtain length. Little things like this show a difference from those that obtained a license "to do" hair and those that obtained a license "to care" for hair.

Reviewed on 01.22.11