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  • 645 East 59th Street
    Kansas City, MO 64110
    United States
    (816) 444-4048
  • (Rated 5/5 based on 1 Reviews)
  • Salon Services
  • Cutting & Styling
  • Chemical Straightener (Relaxer)
  • Protective Styling - Braids, Twists, Conrows, Etc.

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User Reviews (1)

Stylist: Lashawn

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

The only stylist in the area that knows how to deal with my curls. Her goal is to care for natural, textured hair in a way that makes it healthy and flourish. My hair care journey went up a notch when i met her. But I will say the very best thing about her is that she gives you detailed and beneficial information on how to care for your hair. I never received that kind of treatment before now. Before it was "just keep it moisturized" but with what?! or "get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks" when i'm trying to obtain length. Little things like this show a difference from those that obtained a license "to do" hair and those that obtained a license "to care" for hair.