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Stylist: Jody Snyder

I've had wild, unruly, curly hair all my life. I had the job interview of a lifetime coming up and my hair (as usual) was giving me fits. My best girlfriend recommended Jody Snyder (who specializes in curly hair). One visit with Jody and I knew I'd found my hairstylist for life! She's incredible! I now have a new, sassy, professional hair style. And by the way...I got the job!!!!!! Love you, Jody

Reviewed on 01.09.08

Stylist: Jody

I move around a lot so I always go to to get recommendations for hair stylists. I saw many positive reviews about Jody and I'm so happy that I found her. She is great with curly hair and listens to what you want. I have been going to her for the last year and I will be sorry to leave her when I move again. I have nothing but positive experiences with her.

Reviewed on 01.08.08

Stylist: Jody Snyder

I went to Jody (619-300-5858)because of the referrals from this website. I have 3C hair (looks like Rachel True's hair) and have had a hard time finding a salon that can cut my type of hair. Jody was awesome. She knew exactly how to cut my type of hair. She cut 5 inches off as I requested. I just brought in a picture of Tracee Ellis Ross and told her I wanted the same cut. She consulted with me and was open about my suggestion of the products that I brought to use on my hair and how I wanted it detangled. She was also completely okay with not washing my hair as I requested. I love my cut. I have been getting compliments on my hair daily. I highly reccommend her for you curlies that are struggling looking for a stylist.

Reviewed on 11.26.07

Stylist: Jody Snyder

I recently moved to San Diego and was in desperate need of a quality stylist. After having my hair fried, pulled, and mangled by an amateur, I wasn’t eager to give another stylist a chance. I definitely let my hair go for a while and even took to trimming my ends myself. (Yikes!) Finally, a friend of mine stepped in and gave me Jody Snyder’s number. She reassured me that not only was Jody professional and knowledgeable, but she would give me an awesome look. She couldn’t have been more right on! Not only did Jody make me feel at ease, despite the obvious mangled state of my hair, but she was able to turn my hair into something I could be proud to let down. I couldn’t have been happier with the results, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a quality, professional stylist.

Reviewed on 09.22.07

Stylist: Jody Snyder

Wonderful experience with Jody. She knew what my problem was right from the start, recommended products that actually work, and gave me a cut that I can easily manage. What more could you want? I highly recommend Jody to anyone, not just the naturally curly.

Reviewed on 09.05.07

Stylist: Jody Snyder

Jody has been doing my hair and my family's hair for years. She recently traveled to Ensenada to do my wedding party. Her special touch made everyone feel beautiful. The pictures are testimony to her skill with curly hair.

Reviewed on 07.24.07

Stylist: Jody Snyder

Jody is simply the best.

Reviewed on 06.08.07

Stylist: jody Snyder

Jody has been doing my hair for years. She is great with curly hair. I recently went to a new stylist when I was out of town. Now I truly appreciate her skill with curly, frizzy hair. She is also talented with color and perms. I highly recomend her as a stylist.

Reviewed on 05.25.07

Stylist: Jody

This is the Jody who had almost as many recommendations as Tamara of Salon Bella (BTW everyone there has left Salon Bella. If you call they will try to steer you toward someone else. Believe me the new people dont know curly hair. I found out the hard way. TWICE) Jody is great, she is no fuss,understands curly hair, doesn't try to shove products on you. She is really respectful of your opinion and your choices. I really liked her and I thought the cut I got was way better than any Tamara ever gave me. And, the best thing is this without drama, rescheduled appointments or the ridiculously high prices. I love my hair right now and I have thick, heavy hair. She is higly recommended.

Reviewed on 05.23.07