Nadi Hair Spa

12185 Princeton-Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45246

User Reviews

Stylist: Tasha

I was referred to this salon and I must say this was the best stylist I've ever had! I am transitioning so i got a sew in. People have been giving me a lot of compliments but she told me the salon is closing. She gave me her cell and said she will still be in a salon. Her number is 513-317-7582

Reviewed on 02.10.13

Stylist: Anonymous

Went today for the first time and loved it. I seen Marilyn who was very knowledge on natural hair and also what to use. Highly recommend her. Salon was also nice and relaxing.

Reviewed on 01.21.12

Stylist: Dana

For anyone who is looking for Dana, she is no longer at Nadi Hair Spa. She is now in her own place called Afrodite Salon. It is located in the Salons at Kenwood Place (next to Kenwood Theatre). Her number is 513-443-2629. She has been my stylist now for 3 years and she's excellent and I don't want you guys to miss her!

Reviewed on 09.25.11

Stylist: Marilyn

I was referred to Nadi Hair Spa by a friend. She's relaxed, but said that they do natural hair too. I wanted some sort of braid style, but didn't know exactly what to ask for. My stylist's name was Marilyn. She listened to me and after we talked, I knew she would do a great job. She's very knowledgeable about natural hair. I ended up getting design braids. I love it. It's so unique! If you need a natural hair stylist, definitely go to Nadi and ask for Marilyn.

Reviewed on 09.20.11

Stylist: Dana

I made an appointment for a trim and spiral set, for my bday, well i must say that my hair is really soft, the curls are really holding well on my 4b curls. The salon is very modern with warm colors and knowledgeable stylists, they go above and beyond to keep the client comfortable and I love my curls mostly what I'm happy about is how she knew exactly what to do with my hair like it wasn't her first time touching it

Reviewed on 05.21.11

Stylist: Dana

I've already left a review for Dana, but last week I took my 3 year old daughter for her 2nd curly cut and it is just sooooo awesome! I had started to look at new hair products for her because her hair had become so blah. I finally just thought that she needed to get her hair trimmed up to get her curls to pop. She has the cutest little bob and it looks fablulous! Last month I had taken my son to his normal stylist which is at one of those kids places. His hair is easy to cut so I take him there because he likes it. The stylist there wanted to 'trim' her pieces of hair that were a little long. She did. But it wasn't anything I couldn't do. It was very obvious she had no idea how to cut curly hair. Dana is VERY knowledgable of how to properly cut a style into 3b/c hair. She's natural herself and she has all the 'staple's at her station... (honey, aloe vera gel, etc.) She totally gets naturally curly hair. Nadi is a very, very nice salon that caters to an African American clientele, but if you have curly hair of any ethnicity it is absolutely worth driving any distance to get there and have Dana cut your hair!

Reviewed on 01.03.11

Stylist: Dana

I am actually under the dryer now. Just by her knowledge of natural hair and talking to me, i can tell this is where i will be comming for maintanance for my new locs and bringing my 12 yr old for transitioning. So happy i finally found someone in cincinnati that knows what they are doing to my hair. Thanks Dana!

Reviewed on 12.02.10

Stylist: Dana

I brought my 3 year old daughter with 3b-c hair for her first "real" curly cut. Dana did a wonderful job cutting an adorable style into her hair! It has nice layers and for the first time since her hair got long it is truly wash n go (or wet n go), whereas before I always had to put something in the front to keep it out of her face. Her prices are reasonable too. I hope Hannah grows up with Dana as her stylist!

Reviewed on 09.05.10

Stylist: Dana

A women's hair is her crown and Dana makes sure that you feel like a queen after you leave her styling chair. I have been natural for about 8 years and Dana is the first hair stylist that truly does what is right for my hair. She is very knowledgable and friendly which makes the hours go by quickly. My hair is healthier and longer because of Dana's care.

Reviewed on 08.14.10

Stylist: Dana

I really enjoyed my experience here! The atmosphere is great, and the staff were all very friendly. Dana took the time to talk to me about what I want to do with my hair and didn't even pick up a comb until we'd decided on a course of action. She's very knowledgeable about natural hair and was happy to answer my many questions. The products she suggested worked nicely on my mix of 4a/b hair. I'm going back next week for color and products. I was very satisfied with my first visit.

Reviewed on 08.06.10

Stylist: Dana

This salon is great. It is very focused on customer service. Everytime I've been there I've been treated with respect and wonderful hospitality. It also has a very modern and relaxing environment. Dana is my stylist and she is great! She is very professional and knowledgable about curly hair. Her specialty is caring for and styling unrelaxed, extremely curly hair. I always leave with my hair looking and feeling fabulous. I've referred many friends ($10 referral discount is fab) to her and they've all been very satisfied and are repeat customers. She's the only person I've been to in the city that can deal with my my tight 4a/b hair correctly. Love her!

Reviewed on 09.08.09