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Stylist: Nicole, Owner

It has been 3 weeks now and I STILL love my hair! I've waited to review because most everyone loves their hair when they leave the salon and then a week later, you hate it. ;) My hair is simply at it's best. This is the most I've spent on a haircut but I will work some budget magic to make it happen. I highly recommend Nicole with no reservations.

Reviewed on 05.16.14

Stylist: Nicole Lengerich

I made an appointment with Nicole based on reviews on this site and I'm so happy with my hair. She really knows curly hair and how to cut it. She washed and dried my hair to make sure she knew the curls, then trimmed the individual curls. Split ends are gone, hair is fuller, and I couldn't be happier. This is my stylist for as long as she is in business. Nicole loves what she does and she is a little bit Bohemian like most of us curly girls. It was a great experience and I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment! Thank you, Nicole!!!

Reviewed on 10.06.13

Stylist: Nicole Lengerich

Nicole did a great job reading my inconsistent curl pattern and layering my hair in a way that falls nicely. My cut feels free and light yet has a lot of depth! Thanks you Nicole for working with my curly hair.I would highly recommend Nicole to any curly haired girl or guy. I'm so glad I found you!

Reviewed on 03.26.13

Stylist: Nicole Lengerich

Nicole is great!! I've found it difficult over the years to find someone who knows how to cut curly hair or very thick hair, which I have. Most stylists never seem to put proper layering into my hair and the results can be horrible. Nicole definitely knows her stuff! I've been seeing her for over two years now and I will never go anywhere else. I would highly recommend her to anyone - she is worth traveling for!

Reviewed on 03.02.13

Stylist: Nicole

Nicole is personable and friendly and knows her stuff. She not only gave me an awesome haircut but gave me tips on how to take care of my hair. I would recommend her to anyone blessed with curly hair!

Reviewed on 03.01.13

Stylist: Nicole

Nicole is amazing!! If you have curly hair and have been to every salon and always received a normal cut for your non-normal hair -you HAVE to go see Nicole. She shows you everything you need to know about your curly hair and how to manage it. I never realized all the things I was doing wrong - pretty much everything. I always hated that my hair would look good when I left the house, but as the day wore on it would frizz out on me and end up driving me nuts. Nicole showed me how to care for my natural curls, how to style my hair (quite simple) and how to make sure my hair is healthy and that I don't damage the curls with everyday mistakes we all make because we are uninformed!! Now my hair is soft, manageable and looks great. And what a difference it makes using the products Nicole recommends. She is truly the only stylist in the Springs I have found that really knows curly hair. And she doesn't just cut your hair, she takes the time to educate you and show you everything. Don't waste another visit anywhere else. Call Nicole - you won't be disappointed!

Reviewed on 01.20.13

Stylist: Nicole Lengerich

Nicole is great! She really knows curly hair and she even has curly hair herself. Every time I leave from her my curls feel and look wonderful. Most stylist don't know how to cut curly hair and I looked long and hard for one who really understood my curls. I'd usually have to get my hair straightened my hair then cut because the stylist didn't know how to deal with curly hair. Nicole cuts it in its naturally curly state so your cut will be the same once you get home--no wondering how it will look once it curls up. Plus you also don't put all the heat on your hair just to get it cut. If you have curly hair, you definitely have to go and see her. You won't be disappointed!

Reviewed on 12.14.12

Stylist: Nicole Lengerich

3b\3c I just got my first "curly cut" done by Nicole and it looks great!!! She is VERY knowledgeable about naturally curly hair and can give you tips on different techniques to use when styling your hair. My experience was great and my cut looks just the way i had hoped !!!! You will not be disappointed...

Reviewed on 12.05.12

Stylist: Nicole Lengerich

Talk about an AMAZING experience. Found this salon on naturallycurly's website and decided to trust the awesome reviews. I am SO glad I did! I'm African-American with a mixture of 3b/3c hair and one year out from a gastric bypass...so LOTS going on with my hair. I have found my HG of hairdressers and her name is Nicole. I am extremely happy with my new style and will definitely be returning. All you Springs naturals out there really need to go see my girl! She works WONDERS!!!

Reviewed on 11.16.12

Stylist: Nicole Lengerich

I found Nicole on this sight a reallly long time ago when she was at Aveda... since then she has gone on to become an educated curl expert, to include Diva Curl in NY... So I was going back to Colorado Springs for a friends retirement...since there are no reviews for Curly Stylist in Wichita Kansas, nad I had such luck in the past... I saw great reviews for a Nicole at Spiral Evolution... so I booked an appointment two months in advance. As soon as I walked in, I was pleasantly pleased to find the familiar face of Nicole, Nikki... same awesome stylist from years ago. This time she had so much more knowledge about organic-sulfate free products, new techniques... just an amazing refreshing cut for my curls. She taught me so well, that I have been able to recreate her style everytime I do my curls. Thank you so much Nicole!! P.S. Later that day I was sitting with a group of friends, and one of the curly girls was talking about how she just had her first curly stylist hair cut...yep you guessed it, with Nicole!! We were literally in her chair four hours apart, and we are both encouraging all our curly friends to go to her... Thanks again!!!

Reviewed on 07.05.12

Stylist: Nicole Lengerich

So I went back home in February for a best friends wedding. On February,16 2012 @ 1pm I had an appointment with Nicole and it was the BEST experience I've ever had. This was my first experience with a hairdresser who "knows what shes doing". She was such a sweet, kind, caring, and experienced professional hairdresser. I'm 36 and it was my first experience with a natural curl specialist and I WILL go see Nicole every time I go back home for a visit.(because I live here on the Big Island and there are yet to be natural curl specialist to be found! wish we had a Nicole here :() I WOULD recommend her to any one!!!! She is GOOD @ what she does!!!! Love ya Nicole!, God bless and Thank you! for using your gift/talent WELL!!! suzY

Reviewed on 06.06.12

Stylist: Nicole, Owner

I've gone to Nicole a couple times in the past 3 years when ever I was in the Colorado Springs area and needed a cut. Yesterday, I got another great cut and then also had her put in some highlights. I am getting older and my skin tone is changing and the gray is making itself known. I could NOT be happier! The highlights look amazing. The curls lay perfectly and are so much healthier! I feel great! If you have curly hair or know someone who does near Colorado Springs, then you NEED to call Nicole. I've paid far more for curly cuts in other cities, and never had such satisfying results!

Reviewed on 04.14.12

Stylist: Nicole

Yesterday was my first haircut with Nicole and my first haircut with a curly hair specialist. Nicole is highly knowledgeable about the science of curly hair and is clearly experienced with all types of curls. She listened to what I wanted with my haircut and pulled it off better than I could have hoped for! Until you see a stylist who specializes in curls, you don't realize exactly what your hair can do. She uses organic, sulfate-free products that don't make your hair crispy or wet looking. I am so glad that I found her...I'm only sad I didn't start getting my hair cut by her sooner. Just an FYI, she has moved to a downtown salon, so the address listed here is incorrect.

Reviewed on 10.14.11

Stylist: Nicole

Nicole is AMAZING!!! I just moved to CO for the summer and I needed a hair cut but was super worried about trusting anyone to cut my long curls (I have had bad cuts in my past with ppl who thought could cut curly hair!) I saw her reviews here on this site and went in, definitely very happy I did!!! Nicole is not only a great hair stylist but she makes you and your curls feel and look so beautiful, my hair has never looked this good (I got so many compliments after leaving her salon!!). Nicole is all about embracing your curls and how to make them look natural and healthy. I can't thank her enough for answering all of my questions on how to better treat my hair, it's been so dry for months and frizzy! She gave me great advice on how to take care and treat my hair, like not using any sulfate products, and introduced me to an all natural organic hair gel that works amazing and makes my hair soft, which I bought from her! Thank You Nicole for making my hair so beautiful!

Reviewed on 08.02.11

Stylist: Nikki

Nikki is fantastic!!! She really knows how to enhance your natural curls with the right cut. I love that she is strong supporter of going natural and embracing the hair you were born with instead of overprocessing it and working against it. Can't recommend her enough!

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Nicole

Nicole is AWESOME! I've never loved my curly hair more! We are always trying new things and I know that no matter what I'm going to walk out of there with a great haircut. I've been going to her for about 5 years. I had short hair for a few years. I've been growing it out for the last year. She's really helped by giving me great haircuts and help shape it as it's grown. I will be growing it for a bit longer, then I'm going very short. I'm so excited to go to her for my short cut because I know it will be fabulous. Some stylist say that you cut curly hair the same as straight. It's NOT true. By going to Nicole, my hair has been so much easier to manage and I know it's because of the cut. She's also helped me know what products are good for my curls and my hair has been less frizzy and more moisturized. I love my curls now.

Reviewed on 12.30.10

Stylist: Nicole, Owner

If healthy, gorgeous hair is your goal, I highly recommend you entrust your curls to Nicole. I found Nicole, compliments of this site, over five years ago. She is the only professional I trust with my curls. I encourage you to make an appointment with Nicole at her new salon. Not only will you have gorgeous hair, you will also be supporting a woman-owned business.

Reviewed on 10.19.09

Stylist: Nicole Lengerich

I have curly hair and was so worried about finding a new sylist when I moved to Colorado Springs four years ago.I found Nicole on NaturallyCurly.com when I moved here and have been following her ever since then. If you have curly hair and would like a stylist who "gets it," you have got to see Nicole. She has opened her own salon, Spiral Evolution. Call her at 719-229-2154. I promise you that you will love her!

Reviewed on 09.08.09