Vicki's Wash and Wear Haircuts

207 E. Ann
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

User Reviews

Stylist: Vicki

Vicki cuts hair inside her store (Heavenly Metal). She told me to come in with my hair clean, dry, styled and with no clips or anything in it (I had in my leave-in and AVG with honey but that was okay). She did not wet or comb it out but just cut it dry the way it normally looks and did not disturb the curls in the process. The aim of her cut was to even it out and I lost about an inch off the back because the front is shorter, but my hair was still long when I left. She also said that my split ends were not too bad. Vicki has a policy of cutting curly hair dry and without brushing/combing it out. A very good choice for curlies who are growing out their hair and don't want to risk losing it all with a haircut!

Reviewed on 09.08.09