Mermaid Salon & Day Spa

5915 Mira Mesa Blvd, Suite C
San Diego, CA 92131

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Stylist: Michelle

I posted earlier, about being on the fence about Michelle. Well, I'm off and will see Michelle again. I was bummed about getting too much cut off, but ended up with a great haircut that encouraged my curls, and held its shape for a whole year(too long, between trims, I know). By the time I got around to getting another "curly haircut" she took off even more than Michelle,and was not nearly as attentive. And of course charged more. So I will be seeing Michelle again, have sent other people to her, and they are regulars now. She is off on her own now and is under here, as

Reviewed on 04.17.10

Stylist: Leslie

I would strongly recommend Leslie. I was a regular of Michelle's before she left The Mermaid, and she recommended Leslie as her replacement. I have found Leslie's cuts on my 2c hair to be as good as the ones I have gotten from Michelle. Leslie is highly skilled and knowledgeable. She will take the time to find out what you want, and teach you how to maintain the style on your own. Leslie has mentioned that she does Michelle's hair.

Reviewed on 10.25.09

Stylist: MIchelle

I too, visited Michelle when my baby fine curls, that were the longest they had ever been, started looking a little shapeless and less curly. She told me she was going to have to take some length off, and I knew and agreed, but OOOHHHHHH,considering it was in pretty good condition, between 3 and 4 inches were cut off. It looked nice and curly, but it took 8 months plus to get back the length. I am on the fence to return. She now has a home salon, is very reasonably priced, and uses good products, and she did seem to listen to me.

Reviewed on 10.14.09

Stylist: Michelle Sullivan

I am 45 years old and have had thick, curly hair my whole life. It's always been a struggle for me to make the best of my mop. With Michelle Sullivan as my hair stylist, however, the struggle is over. She really knows her stuff. And she listens to what I want; she doesn't tell me what to do. Michelle respects that I'm the customer and cares about giving excellent service. I won't go to anybody else! Michelle has been doing my hair for about three or more years now. I'm sooo relieved I found her! If you're frustated with your curly hair, stop wasting time and make an appointment with Michelle Sullivan. By the way, Michelle is also a very lovely, person. It's a pleasure to see her on a regular basis.

Reviewed on 12.13.08

Stylist: Michelle

Michelle at The Mermaid Salon has ended my long quest for a curl cutter. She has had professional training by Devashon, plus experience, good eye for facial structure, AND the ability to listen to clients. She’s not moody or inconsistent like some of the other stylists I’ve been to who are mentioned in these posts. She has used a dry/wet combination to fix strange parts and flatness at the crown for my curly but baby-fine hair. Color for highlights and covering gray looks great. I wear it short to medium length. She’s also cut my daughter’s hair and a male friend’s. Michelle has curly hair herself, and she’s not ashamed to wear it curly. In my experience, that’s been an important indicator of empathy and success. She has experience with styling for stage and film, and Great Lengths Extensions. (Not for me.) The Salon itself is professional and pampering, but not pretentious. Aveda Products, but no big sales push. Also some Day Spa services such as brow waxing. Mira Mesa area. 5915 Mira Mesa Boulevard. 858-625-0277

Reviewed on 10.02.07

Stylist: Michelle

The staff at Mermaid is not only super friendly, they also really know what they're doing! I always leave feeling incredibly stylish and rejuvenated. I've been seeing Michelle for years now and she is fantastic! They make sure your experience is pampering, from the iced tea they offer you at the door to the lovely scalp massage during your wash.

Reviewed on 02.09.07

Stylist: Michelle

I just saw Michelle in order to fix a style that I had previously got from another salon. I saw a recommendation on this website for Michelle. She was great! She had to cut my style shorter in order to get the look I wanted but she did give me the exact style I asked for. She understood what I was trying to achieve and made sure that as she went along, I was happy with it. She is really friendly and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her.

Reviewed on 11.26.06

Stylist: Michelle

Michelle is a "Curly Hair Specialist." She knows curly hair and didn't try to talk me into straightening like so many other stylists have done. She did the dry-cutting method without me even having to request it, and she spent a lot of time asking questions and looking at the character of my curls before starting. This is an Aveda salon, but she is aware of Deva products. She was very careful to determine what kind of curly look I wanted instead of just acting as though all curls are the same curls. This was only my first visit, but I was impressed. Plus, she is one of the few curly experts I have seen who is not located downtown. She is in the Sorrento Valley area.

Reviewed on 10.10.06