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User Reviews

Stylist: Samara

I went to Bouffant Daddy's to get a curly haircut. The stylist who did my hair was Samara. She trimmed my hair in its natural dry state and then proceeded to wash with Mop Top products. After pulling out each curl, smoothing and twirling it, she set me under the dryer. At the end she went back through again to make sure she trimmed all the dead ends. She was fantastic and very knowledgeable on kinky/curly hair. I was a bit reluctant to try a new salon. I have kinky/curly 3c and 4a fine combo hair. She did an outstanding job and was very economical. I bought some Mop Top products which I ended up getting 15% off as well. I was very pleased and will see her again in 12 weeks for another trim. She really understands kinky/curly hair! Give her a try, you will be impressed :)

Reviewed on 01.06.10

Stylist: Erin

I found Erin from a friend at work (whose hair always looks awesome!)and went to her for the first time a year ago....and I won't go anywhere else! She is awesome! She takes the time to get to know your curls, gave me great suggestions for working with my hair and she's just a cool person =) Erin also has a great referral program, for referring other curlies to her!

Reviewed on 11.25.09

Stylist: Piper

It has taken me a long time to learn to love my curls. For years i kept it very sort just to avoid dealing with it. I grew it out and now i get loads of complements. The other night some guy said i look like a rock star. The help and advice i get from Piper keeps my hair beautiful between visits and the way she listens to what i want is great. She has done such a good job of cutting, styling and coloring my hair I wont go anywhere else. My mom, business clients and friends all go to her now. Everyone at Bouffant Daddy is really nice and talented but Piper knows curls.

Reviewed on 09.20.09

Stylist: Piper

I have been seeing Piper for over a year now. Not only does she make you feel very welcome and at ease, but is very good at listening to what her clients want. I usually just tell her one or two things I'm particular about and let her do whatever she wants with the rest. Not only does she give me cuts that I love, but they are something that I would never have come up with on my own. She is excellent at balancing what her clients' needs are and adding her own talents to produce a style that is new without being intimidating. I very much look forward to getting my hair cut by her again!

Reviewed on 09.15.09

Stylist: Samara

After trying many salons I called Bouffant Daddy and asked who would be the best person to cut my long curly hair. They made me an appointment with Samara, and for the first time I finally felt like I had found a stylist who truly understood how to cut curly hair. I was very pleased with my first appointment with Samara and I recently entrusted her to cut my hair short for the first time in years. Fabulous!

Reviewed on 04.17.09

Stylist: Samara

I went to Samara for a haircut and she was terrible. I don't feel that she really listened. It was uneven, so I went back and she said that she wasn't feeling well the first day, but still didn't cut the layers properly. I'd stay away.

Reviewed on 10.04.08

Stylist: Jeff

Jeff owns the salon, and he is great with curly hair. Every time I go to see him I don't have to touch my hair for days other than to fluff it up a bit. I also appreciate that Bouffant Daddy has plus-sized robes to cover your clothes. They sell Moptop and Devacurl products. Just a warning that Jeff books up early and the receptionist can be a bit of a grouch.

Reviewed on 06.14.08

Stylist: Erin Slankard

I have mixed ethnicity hair, and have tried stylist after stylist. Trying to find someone to help me control my crazy curls. I finally found Erin. She showed me tricks I'd never seen before, and encouraged me to love my hair for what it is, naturally curly and beautiful. After changing a few of my daily habits, and my shampoo and conditoner my hair is finally under MY control, instead of the other way around. I could tell she truly loves her job.

Reviewed on 04.20.07