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1605 W Lewis Street
San Diego, CA 92103

User Reviews

Stylist: Jody Snyder

Jody knows how to cut curly hair... something that sounds so basic, but is actually a difficult trait to find in a stylist. If you're reading this because you're tired of getting cuts from people who think everyone should straighten their hair, then go see Jody. She does her own bookings, so it's best to call her directly. 619-300-5858. I found her on this website and I'm definitely glad that I did.

Reviewed on 11.03.06

Stylist: Jody Snyder

I went to Jody when I first moved to San Diego based on the positive reviews of her on this site. She gave me the best cut I've ever had! I will definitely go back to her. She introduced me to the Enjoy line of products and I especially love the reconstructor, which has done wonders for keeping the friz down on my very thick and course hair (for those of you who don't like this product line, don't worry I'm sure she would be able to work with your product preferences, too). While the cut was about $50, I think the price was reasonable because it was so good and has grown out beautifully (plus you can hardly get a cheaper cut these days). Jody really DOES know what she's doing with curly hair and I highly recomend her.

Reviewed on 10.30.06

Stylist: Jody Snyder

Jody was really great. I came to her on the recommendations of this website and I was certainly not disappointed. She really understands curly hair - appropriate cutting and styling techniques, products, etc. She did not even make mention of me straightening my hair (which is always nice) because I love to wear it curly. She could tell that my previous cut had damaged my hair and put me back on track. I highly recommend her for anyone living in the area!

Reviewed on 09.21.06

Stylist: Jody Snyder

As a curly haired girl, I've had some pretty bad haircuts by those who say they "know curly hair." Another curly haired girl recommended Jody to me. She is absolutely wonderful an truly "knows curly hair." These have been the best cuts I've had for a very long time, and I highly recommend Jody to anyone with hair!

Reviewed on 08.17.06

Stylist: Jody Snyder

The other day i went to Salon Bella for a trim and was introduced to Jody Snyder.She was excelent with my curly hair and gave me a great new style.

Reviewed on 04.01.06

Stylist: Jody Snyder

Jody did an awesome job with my hair. This is the first time I've walked out of a salon with my hair curly (not blown out straight) and loving it. Jody listened to what I disliked about my previous cuts and really shaped my hair into something manageable.

Reviewed on 03.01.06

Stylist: Jody Synder

Jody was great! I was terrified to try a new salon but I had no choice being that I just moved back home from the east coast after finishing college. I came across Salon Bella on this site and decided to give them a call. It was the best thing I ever did. Jody, besides being very sweet and kind, really understands curly hair b/c she has curly hair herself. She gave me a great cut and really took into account what I wanted. I have really long curly hair and she shaped it very nicely without butchering the length which is exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend her :)

Reviewed on 02.15.06