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Tyler, TX 75703

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Stylist: Codi

I found Codi through the review someone else left on this site. I set up a consultation with her first and she knew exactly what I had in mind to do with my hair once we spoke in person. I have very textured hair. I believe I have a mixture of 3a and 3b hair. I thought that maybe she would be intimidated, but she was so complimentary of my hair and loved the look and feel of it. My hair is around my collarbone area, but was looking a little triangular in shape. So we both decided that she would trim the ends and put some light layers in. While cutting my hair, I could tell she was very focused. We also got a chance to talk, but I was mainly paying attention to her work. The cut made a big difference and I was pleased! But she took it even a step further and put little curly type ringlets in my hair with her finger. It looked so cute when she was done! My experience with her exceeded my expectations! And it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. I would definitely go to her again :)

Reviewed on 05.31.10

Stylist: Codi Columbe

I have been fighting my hair for more than 35 years. You name it, I've done it; all types of chemical straighteners, smoothers, frying and damaging my hair into a mess. I had just about given up finding someone that could "handle" curly hair. So many cuts that were supposed to 'tame' my hair ended up making me look like Ronald McDonald. Then I found Codi. Thank you Lord! She is the best! She gets my hair! With her expertise and cut I can now leave it curly and it's cute or I can spend the time straightening it and it looks great. Codi is the real deal :)

Reviewed on 10.08.09