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Stylist: Matthew

I made an appointment a few weeks ago to have my hair cut for the first time in 6 months. Up until now, I dreaded a haircut and would put it off as long as possible. I live in the Decatur area and decided to give Fresche a try because of their convenience to where I live. I didn't know anything about the salon and when I called to make the appointment it was by sheer luck that they set me up with Matthew. My experience with Matthew was great! The pre hair-cut consultation we had was probably the most thorough I've ever had! I only went into the appointment knowing what I DID NOT want. I felt Matthew was easy to talk to and he listened to my concerns. He not only provided suggestions, but explained WHY his suggestions would be better for my hair and how they would avoid the look I was trying to stay away from. The hair-cutting process was fascinating for me to watch. It probably took him a good 45 minutes from start to finish, and he was so meticulous! He first started by removing some of the "weight" of my hair, section by section, something no other stylist had done or suggested to me in the past (this is what took the most time). Then when it came time to do the actual cut/style, I noticed he didn't cut my hair using the standard "straight line cut" I was used to. He used more of a "choppy" method where he cut into the hair with the scissors facing towards the scalp instead of away from it. I had only heard of that method on this website, so I knew I had someone who actually understood curly hair! It was also a plus when he mentioned that he actually really enjoyed cutting curly hair! I really like my new haircut! The layers he gave me really brought my curls to life and best of all, they don't make my hair look like a puff-ball like they used to! Now I don't dread the idea of getting my haircut on a more regular basis. If you're in the Decatur/Oakhurst area and are looking for a stylist who listens AND knows how to work with curly hair, definitely give Matthew a try!

Reviewed on 10.19.09