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User Reviews (10)

Stylist: Karen

For curly girls in the city, Karen is the best. She is the first stylist to ever understand my curls and cut them properly. I have 3b hair that is prone to frizz, and her cuts have helped to tame my curls into pretty ringlets. She talked to me extensively at my first cut about my hair history and has been giving me great cuts for over a year now. I won't go to anyone else. Her prices are reasonable, though I would keep seeing her even if they weren't--she's that good! I've never had trouble getting an appointment quickly. She does her own scheduling, so call her directly at 415-244-7363.

REVIEWED BY: knelsen  |  8.3.10

Stylist: Karen Neustadt

Because of my job, I have to make lots of public appearances so I can't afford a bad hair day. Karen knows exactly when I need a cut and color...and how to make sure I can handle it. She's terrific with color and people are always complimenting my cut. What's more, she's intelligent and interested in her clients. I really look forward to getting my hair done.

REVIEWED BY: lcatch  |  6.16.09

Stylist: Karen

I grew up partly in Italy and would wait to go back there to get my haircut, as nobody here seemed to know how to do it properly. I had recently had it cut so badly I went home crying. I read the reviews here and thought I would try Karen. All I can say is she is incredible!! She did a fantastic job on the short mess that I was left with and it looked great until it was time to go back and get, yet again, a wonderful cut. I am so pleased with her. She's just as good as any of the Italian hairstylists I went to. Now I feel confidant when I go get my hair cut. It's been a long time since I felt that way!!

REVIEWED BY: gracef5  |  6.3.09

Stylist: Karen

I have lived all over the country and never found anyone that could give a great haircut like my hometown stylist in Chicago ... UNTIL ... I met Karen!!! There is no need for me to go anywhere else. Her haircuts are the best on day one, day 31 and day 61 ... just the best!! And let's not forget, great color to boot! Amy

Stylist: Karen Neustadt

Karen is awesome! I actually found her on this website and thought I would give it a try. I have now been having my hair cut and colored by Karen for one year. She sold Dava Dava and is know working at Union Gent Haircutters, 1957B Union St, San Francisco. She can be reached at 415-244-7363 or

Stylist: Karen Neustadt

Karen's color, cuts, and especially her expertise with curly hair are well known on Union Street in San Francisco. She's been applying her creativity and energy to my difficult hair for years now and I get compliements all the time! Karen recently relocated from Dava Dava Salon to Union Gents, just areound the corner.

Stylist: Karen

Karen just moved here from Dava Dava and I, along with all the other "curly heads" will definitely follow her. She gives the best cut and color I've ever had. She knows her products as well and listens to me when I am ready to make a change. She books her own appointments so call her at 244-7363.

REVIEWED BY: 3097  |  5.5.08

Stylist: Karen

After years as owner of dava dava salon, Karen sold the business and is now working down the street at Union Gent Haircutters and is she worth following. She has consistanly given me the best haircuts of my life and I am constantly stopped on the street and asked "Who does your hair". She is also one of the best colorists in town. This girl really knows her stuff! You can reach her at 244-7363 for all appointments as of June 1st 2008.

REVIEWED BY: 3097  |  5.4.08

Stylist: Karen

I was hooked on Karen from the first cut 3 years ago. I have the kind of nightmare hair most stylists dread-wild curls next to flat sections, frizz - it never looked the same from day to day. Now with Karen's expertise I always get raves. She does use the mousse but I love it - now I always have a way to get it in shape - a bit of the mousse and it recurls and shines up beautifully. And this is the kind of mousse that looks great the first day and then softens and curls my hair more the second day. I don't have to wash my hair every day and it still looks great. Karens is a master at coloring - natural, vibrant rich color. I am so happy with my total look. One thing - Karen is a fast cutter. The first visit it was a bit daunting - But now I'm totally satisfied with her "Edward Scissorhands" approach. She also has a great sense of humor. And after the cut - what's better than a stroll down union Street?

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  10.24.06

Stylist: Karen

I love my hair! Karen does a great job of making my curls look refined and well-styled. I've always had compliments about my hair, but now my hairstyle impresses people, too. See Karen - she's the one with the cool curls and 25 years of styling know-how.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  7.17.06