Bladez and Bangz Hair Company

1110 Overcash Dr
Suite A
Dunedin, FL 34698

User Reviews

Stylist: Barbara

The best curly stylist I've been to in the Bay area. Listens to what you want, knows just what to do to add lift and volume to my roots (I'm a type 2C) and gives the perfect cut every time - doesn't cut off too much or create the "Christmas tree" shape like I've had with other stylists. I'll keep coming back!

Reviewed on 05.28.14

Stylist: Barbara

I went in for a Deva inspired cut, as this salon was listed on the DevaCurl salon finder. Barbara used Deva products, but otherwise didn't follow other curly hair procedures. I also was chatting with her about curly hair, and she acted like I was from Mars when I asked if she thought I was 3A or 3B. She had never heard of curl types!? She cut way too much off my bangs, and the top which I had told her not to do in the beginning. Then when my hair had dried, she took a super-hot blow dryer and round brush to my bangs trying to make them look longer! Then sprayed it all down with hairspray. I was in shock at how much she took off my bang/top area! I will say the back and sides of my hair are curling better with less frizz, but she didn't listen to what I wanted, and gave me an "old lady" short cut. Not what I was expecting at all. Be very specific, and watch what she is doing if you go here!

Reviewed on 05.11.14

Stylist: Barbara

I have never left a salon so satisfied before. Barbara was great and explained everything thoroughly as she went along. I loved that she asked what I wanted and explained why my current hair style is holding me back from what I really want. She also showed me how to clip my hair so that I would get more volume in the crown area. Pricing is fair and the other stylists are friendly as well. Definitely going back again!

Reviewed on 12.24.10

Stylist: Barbara

Wow, what a difference it makes to finally get a haircut designed for curly hair. My hair looks great!! Prior to going to Barbara, I had layers cut into my hair, which resulted in what I call the “mushroom” look; too much bulky volume around the face where the first layer falls and then a drop off of longer hair, ick. I had come to the conclusion that perhaps layers just didn’t work for me. During my appointment with Barbara, she was very attentive to my requests and concerns. She also taught me things that I didn’t realize about my hair (like it’s much curlier on the top then it is underneath), and why my last cut didn’t work for my curly hair. While in her chair, she explained to me what she was doing, why the Diva Cut (dry cut) works, and how she was going to apply it to me. I left the salon VERY pleased with my hair, and better informed of what works for me. I strongly recommend Barbara’s Diva Cut to anyone looking for this type of experience!

Reviewed on 01.08.10

Stylist: Barbara

Finally Clearwater/Dunedin curly girls have a local salon. Deva is in Dunedin!!! This salon has all Deva products and Barbara is a Deva trained stylist. This is a small salon and the people are really nice. NO more drives to Tampa or St Pete for hair products. P.S. They don't take credit cards.

Reviewed on 11.25.09