Mary Rizzo

2551 N Clark, Suite 110
Studio Salons
Chicago, IL 60614

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Stylist: Mary

Taken from my Yelp review: ATTENTION ALL CURLIES: Mary rocks (and no I'm not talking about me)! Usually, I get my hair cut at Hair Cuttery, but every once in a while I look for someone to give me a little guidance. I have 3b curly hair; thick, longish, loves to snarl, curly hair. In all of my 32 years I've never visited a stylist who knew a lot about curly hair. Stylists usually fawn over my hair, tell me how lucky I am to have my curls, and how they wish they had hair like mine. While I appreciate the curl envy, that's all it is envy, not expertise. When I got into Mary's chair she gave it to me straight. "Cut that rubber-band stuff out, it's ruining the ends of your hair!", she said. OK, maybe she wasn't quite that blunt, but pretty close. It sounds silly, but no one has ever pointed this out to me. I appreciated her honesty. I like when people get to the point rather than beating around the bush or making obtuse comments. We talked a little about what I put in my hair and my daily styling regimen (or lack thereof), before she gave me some recommendations. Not only did she tell me what she wanted to do, she told me why she wanted to do it and why it would work for me. She also gave me a simple alternative to my rubber-bands - chopsticks. Mary's also great to talk to. I'm not good at chitchat while in the chair, preferring silence when I'm getting my haircut, but with Mary we chatted away like old friends. She even walked me up the street after my cut to a store that sold hair chopsticks and was having a closing sale. I was very happy with my cut and got a few compliments on my hair that day. It was the first time in ages I let someone style my hair and left without looking like Don King! A few days later I'm still happy with my cut and my hair is easy to maintain. Bottom line: Don't let Mary's short, short hair fool you; she really knows her stuff. It's been ages since I've put my hair in the hands of a stylist and walked away happy.

Reviewed on 10.25.09