Khamit Kinks

327 Gold Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

User Reviews

Stylist: Andre

My experience at Khamit Kinks yesterday was less than subpar. In fact it was a nightmare and I cried on my wya home. After waiting for a stylist to attend to me for 20 minutes (with an appointment) I waited for my stylist to stop hovering over me and texting for 10 minutes at a time just talking away on his cellphone. Among the lack of customer care I asked for a quick trim to clip of somesingle strand knots and the stylist cut nearly 2-2 and a half inches from around my head! I had collarbone length kinky 4a hair before and now I am back to having a twa from nearly a year's time ago! Even after I saw the length he was cutting and demanded he leave my hair longer, I ended up getting the cut he wanted to give. Had I been turned around to see how foolishly my hair had been getting cut I would have left right then and there. My hair is oily and greasy and drips onto my forehead and gets on my boyfriends hands and by the time I had gotten homemy hair was frizzy shrunken and looked like I had just gotten a big chop. Although I had fun talking to Andre in the chair the styling I got was worthy of demanding a refund for the 70 dollars I paid. I would pay a naturally curly girl 10 dollars not to go there and just go to hair rules salon instead, the prices aren't to unalike.

Reviewed on 08.01.13

Stylist: Unknown

I had wanted to try out this salon for many years and my first and second experience was on the so so side. The first time I went I had received a flat twist and I will say that once I took it out my hair did look great but was really dry. The second time I went a guy did a twist on my hair and it looked like something I could have done at home. Another reason I don't like this place is because when a discussion comes about on curly hair it seems like its more of a guessing game and that made me very uncomfortable. The assistant manager is sweet but the manager is a bit of an airhead. I would say this place is great for women in the 4a - 4c curl texture but 3a - 3c women beware. They have no knowledge of this hair type!

Reviewed on 10.11.10

Stylist: Jamillah

I've gone here on and off for about 7 years. Their extension styles are very expensive (Tyra Banks hung up when she heard prices according to 2 stylists!) but natural hair styles are reasonable. What can I say I've had good and irksome experiences. I've waited over an hour for a stylist (Jamillah) and had to be handed over to another person for color (they were reading a box), and the front desk always seems to vacillate between phony or prickly. The results were always amazing. My many twist styles (w/extensions) were fabulous! My last natural-hair coil style with a red color-correction and highlights was amazing as well. Their site is updated much more than most and Jamillah is not only sweet, funny and at the top of her game but the go-to for the edgiest curly looks AROUND! She rocked the twisted-hawk and side-shaven swing braid style way before I saw anyone else do it. They sell oils, JC products and now, on site, they sell dreaded MJ's products. The old salon was convenient in Manhattan. The new in Brooklyn is easy enough by subway and the salon is HUGE, like a terminal and just about as cozy, but these are tried and true stylists who KNOW cuts, styles and product.

Reviewed on 11.01.09