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451 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

User Reviews

Stylist: Ron

I have followed Ron around for years. When I first saw him, I guess he was legendary on this website, because he asked, "did you find me on naturallycurly.com?" So of course when I went home I checked out the website, and he had 30-some reviews that were all glowing. Ron has been at another salon the past couple of years, but now he is back at Elevation, and every haircut he gives me is a great one. I have fine to medium/wavy to curly hair (can get flat on the top)... and Ron's cuts are beautiful, long-lasting, and my hair is easy to manage. You absolutely can't go wrong with Ron Lee!

Reviewed on 06.11.11

Stylist: Ron

How many reviews are needed for Ron's work on curly hair? More. I'd heard about him years ago on this site and always meant to go. But I became frustrated -- I always ended up feeling like no matter how much money I spent on a cut, it all ended up looking the same: curly. So I've been getting the Supercuts special for awhile now. I finally decided I needed a change and bit the bullet for an expensive appointment with Ron. I went in with my straggly, dirty hair and came out with a fabulous cut. I mean fabulous. I don't have to do anything differently (this morning I combed it, got out of the shower and scrunched a little gel in it), but it looks great! So healthy and shiny and SO MUCH EASIER to comb through. I can't say enough about him, I'll definitely try to go to him as often as the wallet will allow! It really is worth it.

Reviewed on 10.26.06