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Stylist: Sierra

The best salon experience I have ever had hands down. I've a really bad experience getting my hair cut last time , so I was really worried about my first Diva cut, but Sierra was amazing . She took her time explaining and listening to my every demand. She seemed like a perfectionist because even though I changed my appointment last min and she was supposed to go home for the day, she spent a lot of time perfecting the cut and paying attention to details. The whole staff was super friendly and welcoming and the place is really well designed and they played reAlly good music too. The point is this is the best place for a curly head like me to go to . Definitely recommend it to all curlys out there.

Reviewed on 04.09.14

Stylist: Isabel

My first cut at Madusalon was great, the two sides were slightly uneven, but with my curl pattern, it wasn't really obvious. I have very thick hair, and she took her time applying product and really put in work, which I appreciated. A lot of stylists get tired halfway through doing my hair, and skimp on product (I have a lot of hair, and it can be daunting) and style it poorly, but Isabel was friendly and nice, and made sure I left with a style I could rock for the next couple of days. The second time around, however, that wasn't the case. I was sat under the hair dryer for a couple of hours, the product she used left my hair somewhat frizzy. The cut was a bit sloppier than the first one, but I wouldn't have minded if she wasn't talking about the other customers in french. I don't think she knew I could understand her, and it was very uncomfortable sitting there. I didn't want to say anything because I was afraid she'd mess up my hair, but in hindsight, I probably should just have left. So, in conclusion, I'd recommend them for one cut, but when it comes to finding a stylist you can keep returning to for consistently good cuts, I'd say keep looking.

Reviewed on 07.03.13

Stylist: Ivy

I would follow Ivy to the ends of the earth. Since she's been cutting my hair, I've actually for the first time in my 30something years LOVED my 3b/c curls. I finally feel like I have some style and not just a cookie-cutter curly poofball. She is a pleasure to chat with, never pushes products and spends so much time and consideration finding out what you want and then executing it meticulously. If she ever tries to leave the salon she won't get very far because I'll be clinging onto her ankle.

Reviewed on 09.09.11

Stylist: Adrien

I've had a few Deva/dry cuts from Adrien. Adrien does excellent work. My hair is 2c with a weak wave pattern that frizzes easily, but he dealt with it effortlessly from the first cut. He is also thorough and meticulous.

Reviewed on 06.05.11

Stylist: Carolina

The first cut I had was great. It was all down hill from there. The cuts got sloppier, and always ended up way shorter than I wanted. The layers were chunky, and uneven. She spent one appointment ignoring me and flirting with a guy getting his hair cut next to me. Its been a few years since I've been there, but I won't be back.

Reviewed on 02.24.11

Stylist: Sierra

Sierra was great. Fun personality and really knows what she's doing when it comes to curly hair. I've never had a stylist that so specifically cut each curl to look it's best. She took her time and taught me how to best wash, condition, style, and dry my hair. Sierra really cusomtizes each of her cuts to what will work best for that person. She gave me product reccomendations without being pushy. Expensive at $95, but to me it's worth it and I will be back.

Reviewed on 02.15.11

Stylist: Theresa Wondra

I went for a Deva Cut, inspired by a review/video on naturally curly. I have to say my hair looks AMAZING! I'd been using Deva prodcuts but my hair is very fine and I was losing all my curl by mid morning. I was way overdue for a cut so I thought that may be the problem. The cut took a while, Theresa was very helpful with tips and she is a good person, very generous and was doing a benefit the next day. She cut off a lot of hair, but it doesn't feel or look that way at all. And this is NOT a layered cut. I can still pull it back. Everyday I'm amazed at how good my curls look and fall. The salon was fun too. I went on a Friday and there was a DJ. I can't wait for my next hair cut! And I HATE getting my hair cut. I loved my previsous stylst so I feel bad for moving on, but really its a whole new level of hair for me now. Thank you Theresa!

Reviewed on 01.20.11

Stylist: Sierra

Sierra is an awesome hair stylist and did a great job on my curls. I got my first devacut from her and my hair looks amazing. She got rid of all the heat damage in my hair and now my hair curls better than it did before. The whole salon has a friendly atmosphere and all of the stylists had wonderful hair! Highly recommended for any curly girl in San Francisco.

Reviewed on 01.12.11

Stylist: Adrien

I made an appointment for Deva Wash/Style. OMG let me just say I was impressed at the products they ussed and salon. Adrian explained every product he used in my hair which I enjoyed. The style was ok but my hair was fluffy and beautiful. He also did a Maintenace Cut on my hair which made HUGE difference in my hair. I have two different textures/damage from heat on one side of my hair so he trimmed the damage side. My looks is more manageable than when I walked in the salon. I will be returning in 6 weeks for another Maintenance cut.

Reviewed on 06.17.10

Stylist: Adrian

Today I went with my mom for her devacut and I have to say that Adrian is pretty amazing! Not only does he know his curls through and through, but he's SO cute and adorable. Very sweet guy. But back to the hair. My mom has 2a/b/c hair and it is on the thin'ish side. Some days her hair comes out with beautiful botticelli curls and some days it's just limp and wavy. Adrian used the perfect products with the perfect technique. Her hair came out awesome and watching him made me feel super comfortable to where I even booked my own appointment! I've had the biggest fear of getting my hair cut for the past few years and I now think Adrian has helped me get over that! I can't wait to jump in his chair myself!

Reviewed on 06.07.10

Stylist: Isabel

Prior to going to Madusalon, I had never met a stylist who could work with my natural hair. They always told me either chemically straighten or perm it and I would usually follow their advice. Since going natural I'd been afraid to cut my hair for fear that the salon wouldn't understand the CG method I was trying to follow. It made a huge difference for me that Isabel was so kind to my limp, frizzy waves. They weren't even curls then. She treated my hair with respect, listened to my concerns and was very nice and gentle. She also did the cut, washing, and styling by herself, showed me how to clip and taught me maintenance. The services aren't cheap ($85 for the DevaCut, which includes all the aforementioned) and you have to be ready to spend a long time in the salon. But for me it was totally worth it. I was following the CG method for 2 months before that, but only now could I see defined curls. A good haircut really does make a difference. I've been growing it out for three months already and it still looks good. I would highly recommend Madusalon. They really celebrate curls!

Reviewed on 04.06.10

Stylist: Adrian

I had a really great first experience with Adrian (this was also my first DevaCut). Adrian listened as I explained that although I was growing my (shoulder-length, fine, 3a curly) hair out, I was in need of a solid shape-up, and he did a wonderful job of shaping my curls while minimizing length loss. My haircut added volume around my crown (another point we discussed), and Adrian made sure I knew how to properly clip my hair to maximize volume before I left. I appreciated the amount of time he invested (plan on 1.5 hours for a cut), and think that the 3-D nature of the DevaCut is a big improvement for my hair, the curl-by-curl cutting technique continues to look good after several washes and re-stylings. I will definitely be back, and do recommend Adrian, Madusalon and the DevaCut!

Reviewed on 03.07.10

Stylist: Carolina

I've been managing my 3a/3b curls myself using mainly barbers and such who don't give a flip about curl care. After going in a new direction for the last year, I decided to treat myself and schedule a gig with a professional. I called Mesusalon. I didn't ask for a particular sylist, but explained that I was a curly and needed someone with experience to style my mop. I ended up with Carolina. I explained to her what problems I was having, where I was going, and asked a ton of questions about curl care and styling. She flashed the "Curly Girl" (Massey & Chiel), and said it was their bible around the shop. She was perky and fun, and we had very pleasant small talk. She took her time to shape my do, explaining what she was doing the whole time. I found her very down to earth and energetic, and the overall vibe of the salon was also good. When I asked about products, she answered my questions, but didn't push, which I appreciated. I came out with lots of new ideas and info to boot! A big ol' SNAP to Carolina & Medusalon!

Reviewed on 12.10.09

Stylist: Ivy

Ivy has been cutting my hair for over two years. I'd recommend her to anyone, as she does a fantastic job. She's not a curly girl herself, but is 100% in tune with us. My hair was a total mess before I started seeing Ivy It looked like I had three different haircuts on one head at the same time. Since I've been going to her, all I get are compliments.

Reviewed on 11.27.09

Stylist: Ivy

I am a 3a just beginning to accept the fact that my hair requires a lot of time, care, and money. I went to Ivy after reading reviews here, and I definitely think the $85 Deva cut was worth it. Like others say, Ivy is really sweet and makes you feel like her one and only client. She gave great advice about t-shirt drying, clipping, etc. Clipping hair at the crown of your head, along your part, makes ALL the difference. She insisted that I come back if I want anything touched up (although, I think at this point I just need to find the right products to really make her work shine). My only wish is that she gave me more direction on what products to use. I appreciate that she didn't "push" products, but I need to know where to spend my $$, so that I don't buy dozens of $15 bottles of product. Once I find the perfect products, I know that my hair will look as good as when I left Madusalon.

Reviewed on 06.15.09

Stylist: Isabelle

5 stars Isabelle gave me the BEST haircut for my 3b / 4C curls that I've ever had ! A DevaCut of course. She is patient, fun to talk to, and extremely knowledgeable about curly hair. She should know as she has the most perfect and amazing set of curls on her own head. The entire time, she told me how NOT torture my curls and SHOWED me how to treat them right. After a lengthy discussion about what I wanted and getting my hair cut dry, Isabelle gave me the most amazing shampoo massage EVER ! The scalp massage should be a service in-and-of-itself. She flipped my hair and wrung out the excess water and warned me to never, ever use a terry towel – but used an old t-shirt instead. After my hair was dry, she trimmed a few stray curls, misted with a wonderful lavender spray and voila….the most perfect curls I’ve ever had on my head. Never again will I go anywhere BUT Isabelle at MaduSalon.

Reviewed on 07.17.08

Stylist: Ivy

Ivy is such a cutie! Sweet personality and awesome stylist. I went to Madusalon for my 1st Devacut ever and left extremely happy with the whole experience. Ivy was attentive and careful. Even though she is a straighty , she knows how to care for us curlies. She is conversational but not distracted while she works her magic. She explained she was going to cut more layers in my hair which look great! She didn't try to push products on me which I really appreciate and she even gave me some clips and showed me how to use them to tame my pesky cow-lick. She was also very insistent that if I wanted to come back and have her fix anything about the cut after I styled it myself that I was completely welcome to do so. Her service was great and I will definitely see her again!

Reviewed on 07.05.08

Stylist: Ivy

Have you ever had a hairstyle that looks better and better each day? Have you ever had a hairstyle that people that don't know you or have never seen you before tell you how wonderful your hair looks? Have you ever had a hair style that looks better and better as the day goes on? I have that.. thanks to Ivy. She knows her hair. Super friendly, helpful and really cares for her clients. She gave me so many tips on haircare that I never knew. I found my hair angel...

Reviewed on 05.09.08

Stylist: Carolina

I went to this salon because they were the only ones in San Francisco boasting Devachan-trained stylists. Left an hour and a half later with a haircut I'm still recovering from a year-and-half later. Carolina lopped huge chunks of hair off all over my head-you can't call it layering. When I objected to the damage, she acted insulted and tried to cut more. To add insult to injury they charge extra for the dry Deva cuts. So beware-just because they say they know what they are doing, they don't. (FYI, I had a cut at the original Devachan in NYC four years ago and loved it.)

Reviewed on 04.17.08

Stylist: Marie

I have spent a year with Marie and yes, she is very charming, but I am looking on this site for another stylist. Madusalon is the only one in SF that does Deva cuts. But Marie is so charming and friendly that she takes almost 5 hours for a cut and highlight even using her assistants liberally, and she is really hard to book. Booking today for my next visit two months hence, there was one time available within the two-week time frame I was looking at. And this time, my highlights weren't quite what I like--in fact it's so close to my natural color I'm wondering what I spent $225 for. I'm scared to venture back out there, but this curl tyranny has gone on long enough. Note to other salons--send someone to Deva and break the monopoly!

Reviewed on 10.12.07

Stylist: Carolina

What a horrible experience! I drove three hours and paid $85 to get a Deva cut and i did NOT get one. Carolina didn't pay attention to me, didn't explain anything to me and just chopped randomly. I sat upset watching the salon owner, more carefully coif two heads of perfect looking curls so much differently than I was done. Carolina neglected clips when drying and crunched me before I was dry (in fact I was soaking wet). I went back to Marie and what a day and night difference! She took care of me and thoug hshe took off more than I wanted it was the perfect fix for my formally stringy 'do. Thank goodness for Marie, go to HER if you go.

Reviewed on 07.21.07

Stylist: Theresa

Theresa has cut my hair twice, and it looks AMAZING. I get compliments on it all the time. She not only turned my wavy, frizzy puffy hair into *curly* hair that holds all day in SF weather (who knew I had curly hair??), she also gave me a cute, hip cut. She spent a lot of time on the cut both time and a lot of time showing me the right styling and drying techniques. My hair looks great literally every day. She also has fabulous curly hair, which is inspiring. LOVE.

Reviewed on 12.03.06

Stylist: Theresa

After reading the Curly Girl handbook (Lorraine Massey), I have been on the hunt for someone who can cut curly hair properly and found her at Madusalon. Theresa cut my hair to suit my face while listening to what I wanted. She also gave me numerous tips for keeping my curls looking their best...without pushing products. Theresa, along with the salon owner Marie France Cesar and 2 other co-workers, Ginger & Shannon, have all been trained the "Deva" way to cut curly hair. I have only seen Shannon & Theresa in action and they are very passionate about curly hair. My hair looks and feels great. My second time there I took my friend who has a hard time getting her bangs to curl once they grow out. Theresa & Shannon confidently coaxed curls out of her longer bangs. The transformation was amazing!

Reviewed on 11.27.06

Stylist: Marie

I have had my hair cut by Marie 3 times since living in SF, and only once was it decent. The first time, the cut was ok, but she cut off way more than I requested (just a trim does not mean 2 inches!). The second cut was better, in that she listened to me about the trim only part; she did not cut my front layers short enough. The third cut was the last that I will have at Madu Salon. Not only did she cut too much, but the layers she did were awful! Even 4 months later, the style of my hair has not returned to its previous state. Also, she decided that the solution to my funky straight hairs at the back of my head would be to cut the back of my hair into a "V". I know that she has the Devachan certificate, but a brief training course is not equivalent to the true Devachan cut you will receive if you get your hair cut at Devachan in NYC. I am now nervous to get my hair cut in SF and may wait yet another 2 months to get a real Devacurl cut---in NY!

Reviewed on 11.06.06

Stylist: Marie France Cesar

I have had a very difficult time (as I am sure we all have) finding a good stylist for curly hair. Anyone can cut curly hair but very few can really style it. After eight years of living in San Francisco, I have finally found Marie France Cesar . Marie uses the Deva hair cut since she was trained at the original Diva Hair Salon in New York City. She is incredible! She thought me how not to fight my hair but to embrace the curls. I no longer have to roll my hair to get the curls, they curl on their own now! She is also very sweet. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Reviewed on 09.28.06

Stylist: Marie

I've had 2 cuts so far at Madusalon and I loved both of them. The first was with Teresa and the second with Marie, who owns the salon. I also had Pintura color this last time and beloved spouse (who LOVES curly hair) says my hair has never looked better. Marie managed to give me a cut where I don't have the too-heavy curl flattop that I'm always struggling with. Plus she is a gorgeous charmer, smart and funny with wacko curls herself. I hope she stays in business forever! Oh, and I drive 1 1/2 hours to get there, too!

Reviewed on 07.13.06