302 Cumberland St
Ottawa, ON

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Stylist: Julie

I just had my hair cut today by Julie and she did an AMAZING job! I've had good and bad haircuts before so when I told her what I did and didn't want she listened and gave some great suggestions since I don't know how exactly to describe what I'm looking for. She was soooo nice and really spent the time to cut my hair properly and rinsing again before styling so that she dried it more similarly to the way I would normally. I am definitely going to keep going to her as long as I can and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great haircut!

Reviewed on 10.02.10

Stylist: Julie

I just recently had my hair cut by Julie, and for the 1st time EVER i left the salon happy!! She is patient and listens to what you want, gives you tips and advice and is very sociable!! She has her own number to call to make an appointment with which she asked me to pass on the number to you'all...613 680 0656! Call her to make appointments, not the Snippers number!! Trust me, if you have curls, she will rock them!!

Reviewed on 06.22.10

Stylist: Julie

After leaving a few Ottawa salons in tears, with a head full of crunched up nasty fuzz with no definition, finding Julie and having her do my hair was an enormous relief. A curly head herself, she gets it. She knows the techniques of plopping and raking and scrunching. She's relaxed, fun, upbeat and good at her craft. If you need a stylist in Ottawa that will treat your curls with the respect and knowledge you want, she's the one to go see. For the francophones out there: she speaks both French and English fluently (she hails from Montreal originally).

Reviewed on 05.07.10

Stylist: Julie

Julie use to be at Salon Salwa, she is now at Snippers. I have been seeing Julie for over a year and a half and just love her. She is amazing working with curls. She understands how to work with them as she herself has naturally curly hair. I always leave there with a smile on my face after seeing Julie. She is by far the best hairdresser I have ever had!

Reviewed on 11.10.09