Salon Fiber

245 Taylor Alley
Phoenixville, PA 19460

User Reviews

Stylist: Maura

I just wanted to update my review. I stopped going to this salon after giving it a great review. There are several reasons. First of al the prices they started charging became ridiculous. Not worth it. Secondly, as nice as Maura was she was unable to allow my hair to grow. She could only cut my hair short every time. When I asked her to let it grow out she couldn't grasp how to do that. Also, I asked for single process hair color and she basically refused. I understand highlights make the salon more money but I wanted a change (it is my hair afterall). Thirdly, the owners come across as very rude and I frankly got sick of them treating me like junk when they spoke to me and then charging me an unreal amount of money for an OK hair cut. So, what I can say about the salon now is that they may not ruin your hair if you get it cut there but they won't give you a great hair cut either. Customer beware.

Reviewed on 07.04.12

Stylist: Maura

I trusted the previous reviews on this site and took a leap of faith going to see Maura at Salon Fiber. I liked her a lot better than my last stylist personality-wise. However, the difference between 3b curls and 4a curls obviously is too vast. I knew from the second she started washing my hair with sudsy shampoo (ACK!) that this was a bad decision on my part, but, having very few salon experiences, I didn't know what to say or do. Then, back at the chair, she started combing my hair. Again - ACK!!!!!! I have not used a comb on my hair since I was in middle school and didn't know what I was doing! To make a long story short, I left with a much shorter haircut than I had hoped for and frizziness like I haven't seen on my head since, again, middle school when I didn't know what I was doing. Sadly I will have to return to the expensive, snobby salon I went to last time, where they actually knew what to do with my hair. As far as atmosphere, prices, and friendliness of staff, though, I have no complaints whatsoever.

Reviewed on 04.12.12

Stylist: Maura

I still go to this salon and Maura still does a fantastic job. But, I just want to warn you all that their prices have sky rocketed since I first started going there. With cut , color, and tip I am spending about $140 every time I go. So, just be aware of that.

Reviewed on 08.12.11

Stylist: Amanda/Maura

I love Salon Fiber! I had my hair cut there over a month ago, and it still looks like I just stepped out of the salon. I used to get my hair cut at the same salon my straight-haired sister goes to. This was only my second "real" curly haircut. So I'm used to walking out the door and pulling my hair in a ponytail until I shower and style it myself. When I called I told the receptionist that I had curly hair and to assign a stylist experienced with that. I saw Amanda, told her it was my first time and that I've been experimenting with salons. She did a great cut, exactly what I asked for, wasn't afraid to be dramatic with my cut (I love my hair to have alot of body on top and I came equipped with many pictures). She dried it a little too much and I pulled it in a ponytail until I had the chance to style it myself. That night I received a call from the owner of the salon. She said she wasn't happy with my blow dry and would like me to come back at my convenience for a complimentary blow dry and a few tips by Maura, their curl expert. So I did and I am so happy. Her husband, who also works there, said he and his wife were worried when I left and wanted to make sure I was happy (must have been worried about my 'experimenting with salons' comment). Maura did a geat job styling and that night at the grocery store I was stopped by an older man to tell me how gorgeous I am..Maura really did a great job! (It did occur to me that he was paid by the salon, but the grocery store was 45 minutes from Phoenixville). I will definitely be a frequent client of Salon Fiber.

Reviewed on 06.09.10

Stylist: Maura

I just got back from my first appointment at Salon Fiber and it was an amazing experience!!! I have 3B-C curly and thick hair. I have a very difficult time getting a good haircut. Maura did an AMAZING job. She washed my hair, then dried naturally (under lights and a diffuser) to see the curl pattern. Then she cut it dry. I should say she carved it. She was able to keep my length while reducing bulk without thinning it. She performed a small miracle for me!!! Maura also informed me that the female owner of the salon also uses this technique. Obviously, I highly recommend this salon!! The prices are right as well!

Reviewed on 11.11.09