Salon in the park

5288 w. 34th st.
Houston, TX 77092

User Reviews

Stylist: Alicia Roberson

I decided to try this salon since it's close to my house. The stylists are listed according to the services they provide, so I clicked on "Dreads/Twists/Afros" thinking that this meant these were the stylists that could do natural/curly hair. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The first question Alicia asked me was if I wanted her to straighten my hair. This sent up a red flag and I probably should have run for the hills. But instead I told her that I'm looking for a stylist to aid me with my transition and that I've been wearing two strand twist outs and braid outs because I love my natural texture. She then proceeded to shampoo me twice (even though I had just shampooed a few days prior and had almost no product in my hair) and combed my hair from the roots to the ends, instead of the other way around. That was the second red flag. She then set my hair on perm rods using a really small "rat-tail" comb and a lot of setting foam. I left looking like Shirley Temple, which definitely was not the look I was going for. All of the natural curl was removed from my hair. I will not be going back to Salons in the Park.

Reviewed on 03.23.10