Happy to be Nappy Salon

18957 Livernois Avenue
Detroit, MI 48221

User Reviews

Stylist: Anonymous

I called prior to arriving to the salon. I mentioned that i wanted to transition to naturally & since it would all be new to me i didnt know what to request. She told me to come in for a consult, where they would take a look at my hair,provide recommendation & help me to get started. Needless to say that did not happen & they were very unwelcoming & mildly rude. I left with an appointment but after consideration of not giving my $ to people who were rather unconcerned i decided to cancel

Reviewed on 05.30.12

Stylist: Amandla

I went to this salon June 2011 and would not recommend it. I called before I went to the salon and told the lady that I was interested in having a rollerset and my ends clips since I had not had a relaxer in a long time. I was told over the phone that someone would be able to take a look a my hair and recommend how much of my ends would need to be cut. Needless to say once in the salon it was a different story. I was told that a roller set would not look so great on my natural hair and I should do a comb twist. I should have left then. Amandla proceeded to wash my hair and didn't even let the condition set for long, if it was even conditioner that was applied. My hair was so dry. She did nothing to detangle my hair. Used a rattail comb to try and comb through my wet hair and did not even try to clip my ends properly. She only clipped the ends that was stringy after she twisted my hair. And the natural hair products that are supposed to have been sold in the salon was no where to be found.

Reviewed on 02.16.12

Stylist: Ewanda

I went to the salon for color and a straw set. My hair is HORRIBLE!! I asked for copper/ red and it turned out to be a cross between Carrot-top & a dirty hooker. They conditioned my hair for 3 minutes then rinsed it out and i sat for 30 minutes without having my hair combed through. Once in her chair she was extremely rough. She used a brush to comb through my dry hair and only used about 25 straws to set it. Once done it looked a mess. I wasn't neat at all like the actually pictures from there portfolio. some of the curls didn't even dry. it looks so basement. I will NEVER return there in life!!!!

Reviewed on 06.08.11

Stylist: Sonya

She give my hair a natural flow that it usually don't have. She straighten my hair without it hurting. It lasts and it has deaf to it. I'm transitioning from terms haven't had one in four months and wanna go natural. It's working good so far but its a lot of work to it. I have like a curly feel to it now and I love it.

Reviewed on 12.24.10