Locks 'N Chops

365 West 34th Street (8th & 9th)
Manhattan, NY 10001

User Reviews

Stylist: Tara

The salon is located near MSG. I had an appointment with Khamit Kinks but my stylist got sick. KK called me 2 hours(!) before the appointment to tell me. I was disappointed but I understand. The problem was there was no mention of a discount when they rescheduled me for 3 days later but I'm calling to cancel. I'd like something closer and less pricey. So I called around like a mad woman trying to get a same day or next day appointment and knew I might be fishing bottom of barrel with any availability. I checked out Locks N Chops' site. It looks amateur and cheap and the style gallery has photos out of focus and frankly (for me at least) most of the styles look old. But they had a photo of what I wanted. The owner was listed under 'natural hair' salons (which ranges in meaning) in a directory. They were local and the reception was GREAT about getting me in the next day. I went for color and coil-out consult and I recognized a former KK staffer. The salon did Clairol only, which I at first agreed to, then canceled because I didn't know their work well enough and appearances make a huge impact. The salon's location is fine and the 2nd floor walk-up is fine, but it is 'cozy' inside, has dark, bizarre paint colors and it is slightly shabby like it needs a serious makeover. But I was there so no snobbery and I was confident about this guy's skills though he wouldn't be my stylist. My stylist was Tara. She was very nice, and the style looked great in the end. She let me sleep and was very considerate. I left my hair coiled thinking I would separate it at home. The only problems were she cranked the dryer setting too high I had to turn it low two times. Whatever gel/spritz she used on my hair stung at times, and she used some pink goop to sculpt the style, which I had to remove with a cloth after I discovered it at home. It felt gross, left a lot of residue and I've no idea what it is. I ended up separating more than I wanted into fuzz trying to remove residue and the jelly-like texture of this stuff from my scalp. My fault I should have gone in with demands but I felt grateful they could squeeze me in and for $94 (I tipped enormously afterward) but in all I wouldn't repeat the experience. I've no doubt that Tara or the salon would take my issues into consideration and easily make changes but I'd rather do this myself at home. I would recommend the salon if you want talent and need a stylist stat, want some measure of commitment to less chemically laden products and are looking for affordable, accessible stylists with great attitudes. I would not if you're righteous about modern, chichi-er environments.

Reviewed on 11.15.09